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Writing essays requires the preparedness of several aspects. Not only a good storyline, vocabulary, or research are required to make an essay stand out. But the logical organisation of thoughts or mentioning the correct sequence of events is equally important. That's why we will talk about the Spatial order today.

There's not any hard and fast rule behind using a particular writing pattern or order. However, using the right one suitable for the kind of writing you are doing can help make it impressive.

There are different patterns for the logical representation of events that are most commonly used in academic essay writing, and those are:

  • Chronological order
  • Problem solution method
  • Cause-effect pattern
  • Topical pattern
  • Advantages-disadvantages pattern
  • Spatial order
  • Order of importance

Before using any pattern for academic essay writing, the student needs to understand how he can convey his thought and information in the best way possible to provide a better understanding to the reader.

What Is Spatial Order And How To Use It In Essay?

Spatial order is a writing pattern through which the writer can discuss all the important elements of a scenario and describe the events in a sequence so that the whole plot or story can be best understood by the reader.

It helps in organising the content in order, which can be either top to bottom or left to right. It is mostly used in descriptive writing. If you want to define Spatial order, it best assists in providing a visual description of the scene exactly like the way it has occurred.

How To Write A Spatial Order Essay?

Before jotting down your thoughts on a paper in an organised manner, you need to have them in your mind very clear. So, the first step for writing a Spatial order essay is to do some brainstorming.

  1. Brainstorming Think carefully, write down all your thoughts on a paper and organise them well to create a series of events. Also, make it clear the purpose of writing and what do you want to write.
  2. Take References Writing in Spatial order is not that easy as it sounds, so it's always better to take references from other write-ups, pictures, or magazines, especially if you are a beginner.
  3. Outline your essay Outlining is very important as it gives a direction to your essay. How do you want the flow of your essay would be, from past to present or with a little surprise or flashback. Outlining can help a lot in deciding the order of your essay like the way you want it to be.
  4. Write your Essay After organising your thoughts and getting done with the outlining, it's time to write your essay by using all the inputs that you have gathered so far.

What Are The Uses Of Spatial Order In Writing?

  • If we talk about the uses or importance of Spatial order in a paragraph, it is used to create a scenic description to help the reader visualise something.
  • The writer uses different senses like smell, taste, touch, sound to make the situation real or authentic and also to enable the reader to make a better visualize of the whole scene.
  • It is also used to write a descriptive essay.

We can write different types of content applying the technique of Spatial order, like Spatial order essays and Spatial order speech. In spatial order speech also, the speaker talks about the formation and location of the topic in space, like if the speech is on the white house, then the speaker will talk about its different floors, architect, color, and feel, etc.

What Is A Chronology in Literature and Writing?

Chronology refers to writing a series of events by keeping in view the time of their occurrence. In chronology, the events get unfolded as they occur in time. Most writers prefer this style of writing as it makes it easy for the reader to understand things sequentially.

Not only in writing, but Chronology is important in different fields, such as while studying, students are first introduced to easy concepts and then they slowly move on to the difficult ones. So, it is the chronology that enables step-wise progress in an essay.

Different Types of Chronology

Well, Chronology cannot be defined in different types as it is pretty straightforward but it has different narrative styles:

  1. Linear or Normal Chronology It includes the narration of a story normally as per the events that occurred in time.
  2. Reverse Chronology It includes telling a story in the reverse order again according to the time of occurrence of events.
  3. Nonlinear Chronology It includes telling a story as a series of separate events told out of chronological order.

Spatial Order Composition And the Role Of Chronology

Spatial order enables the reader to visualise a scene, and chronology lets the reader understand things in sequential order with the occurrence of events in a timely fashion. The combination of both Spatial order composition and chronology makes a perfectly understandable plot that takes less effort for the reader to understand.

Things To Remember While Writing A Spatial Order Essay

There are certain things that a writer should keep in mind while writing the Spatial order essay. As per the Spatial order definition, the essay focuses on the description of things, their placement in a scene, the ambiance, and the whole feeling. So, first of all, it is very important to select a scene for writing.

  1. Decide the Scene You Want To Write On

Decide the scene you want to describe, think from the reader's perspective, and then relate the story with the whole situation.

  1. Arrange your information

Choose how you want to arrange your information, from left to right or from top to bottom.

  1. Use Transition words

Transition words are useful to create a relationship between different elements of a scene. Some of the Transition words are likewise, although, furthermore, however, despite, at the same time, indeed, of course, for instance, etc.

What Are Spatial Order Signal Words?

We used Spatial order signal words at the beginning of the sentences to better explain the place, position, or location of the subject. It helps in creating the real picture of the scene in the reader's mind and makes the understanding of the text easy.

Examples of some of the spatial order signal words are:

  • Against
  • Next to
  • Between
  • On the left hand
  • On the right hand
  • Below
  • Beneath
  • Nearby
  • Behind
  • Above
  • Into, etc.

There is so much more that is covered under the features of Spatial order. Writing an impeccable essay using the Spatial format is not a matter of a few hours. Instead, you are required to go through several examples, practice sessions, and research work to write a good Spatial order essay.

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