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Synthesis Essay topics

What Is A Synthesis Essay?

Students are often given the assignment of writing a synthesis essay but feel confused in understanding precisely what is a synthesis essay. A synthesis essay involves combining various parts and ideas from multiple sources regarding a topic and bringing them together into one paper. It consists of synthesizing multiple sources and information about a particular topic and presenting synthesized information along the line of a central thesis. A thesis is also a significant part of a synthesis essay.

Writing a synthesis essay is a complex process and requires intense research, understanding, logical reasoning, patience, writing skills and effort. In such cases, students can take the help of Sample Assignment for synthesis essay help and essay proofreading services. Sample Assignment is the one-stop solution for essay help online. This article talks about how to write a synthesis essay and also provides a list of synthesis essay topics for practice.

How Do You Write A Synthesis Essay?

Students often feel confused when it comes to writing synthesis essays and wonder how do you write a synthesis essay. A few tips are given below which can help you in writing a synthesis essay:

  • Select a topic: This is the first step towards writing a synthesis essay and a very important one. It is very necessary to choose a topic that excites and intrigues you and in which there is plenty of literature available for you to quote and include in your essay.
  • Research: The next important step is to research and find sources that you can quote and talk about in your essay. The main component of a synthesis essay is bringing together information from various sources or opinions from various individuals regarding a particular issue along the lines of the thesis formed by the author. This can involve gathering public opinion, statistical data, newspaper articles, comments by experts, etc.
  • Writing a thesis statement: Students often ask each other how to write a topic sentence for a synthesis essay. In writing a synthesis essay, they face a lot of confusion when it comes to writing a thesis statement. Usually, a thesis statement is meant to be bold, strong and contains the opinions of the writer. However, a balance must be maintained in the sense that the thesis statement should not be too bold, or too opinionated or exaggerated. The statement should be true.
  • Writing an introductory paragraph: The introduction should be strong and provide a hook to the reader and make them interested in reading the whole essay. The introduction contains introducing the topic in general and introducing the thesis statement so that the readers can know from the beginning what the essay is going to be about. This should be done creatively but also clearly.
  • Writing the main body paragraphs: The number of main body paragraphs depends upon the requirements of the essay topic, assignment details and so on. Usually, the strongest points should be selected and explained with evidence. Topic sentences are included here also and to answer the questions of the students how to write a topic sentence for a synthesis essay, professional essay writers at Sample Assignment say that topic sentences should be written in the manner that introduces the central idea of the paragraph that you are writing.

For example, if the paragraph is about the views of the farmers on global warming, your topic sentence can be something like this, “While people in urban areas have read about global warming, it is the farmers who are experiencing the direct effects of it. In their words,...”  Your topic sentence serves as a hook to each paragraph.

  • Conclusion: In the conclusion paragraph, all the points should be effectively summarized and a reflection should be provided on them. A personal opinion that is often used as a call to action or more research usually serves as a good end to a synthesis essay.

List Of Trendy Topics For Synthesis Essay

Students often face problems in finding good synthesis essay topics to write an essay on. For them, a list of trendy topics for a synthesis essay is given below:

Global warming synthesis essay topics

  • An introduction to global warming and its effects
  • Different types of pollution and the need to control them
  • Air pollution and its contribution to global warming
  • Global warming and economic instability
  • Effects of global warming on farming
  • Effects of global warming on marine life
  • Global warming and renewable sources of energy: How to mitigate the effects of global warming?
  • Sustainable development goals
  • How can your country be the leader in addressing the problems of global warming?
  • Efforts at micro levels to fight against global warming
  • How to protect your community from global warming?

Technology synthesis essay topics

  • Relation between violent games and real-life aggression
  • Change in technology post the introduction of artificial intelligence
  • The pros and cons of technology
  • How can technology be used to improve education?
  • Using technology to foster peace
  • Modern technology and the concept of smart cities
  • How has technology changed the workplace in the last 10 years?
  • Is technology making us distant or bringing us nearer?
  • Effects of machine learning on business productivity
  • How technology leads to mass unemployment?

Society synthesis essay topics

  • Changing society structure in the last 10 years
  • Ways of fostering more compassion and peace
  • Should voting be mandatory?
  • Value of our privacy and data
  • Should the production and sell of tobacco be made illegal
  • The effect of modern workplaces on minority workers
  • Evaluating the equality in our society

Health and medicine synthesis essay topics

  • Relation between mental and physical health
  • Should marijuana be legalized
  • Ethics of testing new drugs on animals
  • Should sugary drinks be banned considering their effects on health
  • Mental health insurance: an evaluation of the situation across the globe
  • Sustainability of our healthcare system
  • Should insurance cover cosmetic surgery
  • The importance of visiting a family counsellor regularly
  • Effects of exercise
  • Effects of alcohol on physical and mental health

Art and literature synthesis essay topics

  • Should graffiti be considered a piece of art?
  • Should modern graphic video games be considered to be artwork?
  • Musical training and its effects on learning and concentration
  • Role of art therapy
  • How cinema is a depiction of society?
  • Cinema as the educational medium for various concepts
  • Literature: motivational vs depressing
  • The evolution of realistic and existential literature and theatre
  • Are tv commercials artwork?
  • Reading a book vs listening to an audiobook
  • The role of fiction: Does it distract people from important issues or provides scope for development

Ethics and morality synthesis essay

  • Effects of complaining of people’s sense of happiness
  • Nature vs nurture
  • Should children be trained to obey authority or question them?
  • Should convicted felons have a right to vote?
  • Considering the business’s sustainability before buying its products
  • What are ethics and is it possible to live ethically
  • Classic ethical conundrums and people’s viewpoints
  • Should cloning be legalized
  • Veganism
  • Ethics of breeding genetically engineered animals

The US law and the Justice System essay

  • What should be the focus of the US justice system: Punish offenders or rehabilitate them?
  • Preventing mass shootings at schools
  • Tackling the issues of prison overcrowding
  • Prostitution - Should it be legalized
  • Racism in the law enforcement and justice system
  • The validity of existing checks and balances and their effectiveness in preventing power abuse in the current scenario
  • Interpreting the US constitution: how can it be made better
  • Are poor people more likely to end up in prisons than the rich?

Immigration, American Dream and Culture synthesis essay

  • Evolution of the American Dream
  • What is the American dream and how achievable is it today?
  • Is the American dream a way of making people work extra for the big corporations?
  • Effects of immigration on US economy
  • Should more checks be put on immigration?
  • Role of different cultures in promoting gender inequality in American society
  • Should schools increase racial and cultural diversity to promote cultural sensitivity among the people?
  • Promoting cultural understanding and more peace

Argumentative synthesis essay topics

  • Veganism should be adopted as the way of life
  • Marijuana should be legalized for adults
  • Tobacco should be banned
  • Healthcare facilities should be made accessible and affordable for everyone
  • Live-in relationships should be encouraged
  • Children must be provided with physical and mental counselling in schools

Explanatory synthesis essay topics

  • Why does racism still exist?
  • Why does gender inequality still exist?
  • The origin of homo sapiens
  • The origin of religion in different communities
  • Origin and stopping the body-shaming culture
  • Effects of bullying
  • Violence in media and aggression levels in children

College synthesis essay topics

  • Effects of social media on the youth
  • Effects of world war II on Germany
  • Patriarchy vs matriarchy
  • The role of technology in making the world a global village
  • Effects of class size on the student’s academic performance
  • Advancement in technology since the last 10 years
  • Cryptocurrency and its pros and cons

Funny synthesis essay topics

  • Why do people like watching funny cat videos?
  • Why should you procrastinate?
  • Why should you take photos everywhere you go?
  • What your driving instructor never told you?
  • Why do I like cats better than dogs and vice versa?
  • Why is the customer never right?
  • Why should you use humour as a defence mechanism?

Relevant synthesis essay ideas

  • How should education be modified to prepare students for tomorrow’s ever-changing and technological world?
  • Should prostitution be legalized?
  • Should marijuana be legalized?
  • Elections and how to prevent foreign interference
  • Regulating social media
  • Regulating cryptocurrency

This is a list of some exciting synthesis essay topics. These are all good topics and you can choose the best synthesis essay topic ideas out of these to write your essay.

When You Should Seek Synthesis Essay Help?

Students may face various forms of difficulties in completing their synthesis essays. In such cases, it is natural for students to seek out essay help online. We, at Sample Assignment, provide rapid delivery of assignments and essays. The following are the reasons for choosing Sample Assignment for your synthesis essay help

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You can trust Sample Assignment with not only your synthesis essay topics and synthesis essay help but also with other essay help online services like hiring essay writers and availing the best essay proofreading services.

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