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What is the Importance of the Australian Education System?

Australian Education System is a growing and dynamic service market. UNESCO estimates that approximately eight million students will study in a foreign country by 2025.

The Australian Government’s National Strategy for International Education 2025 was released in 2016 which emphasizes the importance of maintaining the standard of educational institutions in Australia and the experience of international students.

The Australian National Strategy revolves around these three pillars:

  1. To strengthen the fundamentals of the Australian education system to provide world-class education and a high-quality student experience.
  2. To make transformative partnerships abroad and in Australia using alumni connections and mobility initiatives.
  3. Becoming a global competition in education and expanding opportunities to strengthen their place globally.

How Beneficial is the Australian Education System for International students?

Benefits and importance of Australian Education System

Australia is famous amongst international students for the following reasons:

  • Quality Education
    The quality of education in Australia is par excellence due to its well-organized system of regulation and quality centred around the student.
  • Diverse Culture
    Australia offers a diverse culture as it is home to people from different ethnic and religious backgrounds.
  • Environment
    Australia is an island, is also famous for its rich nature and wildlife which makes it a good learning environment. Seven of the world’s best cities for students are in Australia.
  • Friendly Natives
    The native Australians are friendly and warm. They welcome people with open hearts which adds up to the overall experience of a student.
  • Standard of Living
    It is not difficult to have a decent standard of living in Australia. Although it is not a cheap country it isn’t too expensive either. The quality of healthcare, infrastructure, transport, and government services are well maintained.
  • Post-study work Opportunities
    Australia offers a wide range of work opportunities to both national and international students.
  • Allowances
    Allowances are a special feature of education in Australia namely, Youth Allowance for students and apprentices, Austudy, Youth Disability Supplement, etc.
  • Best Collection of Universities
    Australia has 6 of the world’s top 100 universities with a diverse range of topics and subjects.
  • Personal Growth
    Personal growth is as important as academic growth. It helps the students develop soft skills which are important for life.
  • Scholarship programmes
    The Australian government has invested A$300 million to provide scholarships to international students.
  • Student Support Services
    Get student support services easily in Australia. Australia's Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS ACT) protects the rights of international students in Australia.
  • Research Excellence
    Australia has excellent opportunities for research in various fields like wildlife, engineering, biology, etc. In 1945, penicillin was discovered and the observations behind the accelerating universe were discovered in 2011 in Australia. Australia gives you a research atmosphere and resources.
  • Huge Number of Courses
    Australia has over 22,000 courses across 1,100 institutions to choose from.

Australian Education System for International Students is an open invitation to all students across the globe to avail themselves good quality education at a reasonable cost. Australia has 43 universities to choose from.

What are Some of the Best Fields to Study in Australia?

  1. Engineering and Technology
    1. Manufacturing technology
    2. Chemical engineering
    3. Civil engineering
    4. Land information technology and remote sensing
    5. Electrical engineering
    6. Mechatronics
    7. Biomedical engineering
    8. Computer science engineering
    9. Food technology
    10. Aeronautical and space engineering
    11. Software engineering
    12. Mining
    13. Plant and machine maintenance
  2. Medicine, Nursing and Allied Health
    1. Nursing
    2. Nutrition and dietetics
    3. Health informatics
    4. Physiotherapy
    5. Speech pathology
    6. Exercise physiology
    7. Occupational therapy
  3. Business Management and Commerce
    1. Accounting
    2. Sales
    3. Finance
    4. Marketing
    5. Business management
    6. Human resources
  4. Agriculture and Environmental Science
    1. Crop production
    2. Animal production and management
    3. Environmental impact assessment
    4. Forestry resource management
    5. Soil and water conservation
    6. Aquatic resource management
    7. Natural resource management
    8. Geographical sciences
    9. Botany
    10. Geology
    11. Agricultural science
    12. Aquaculture

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