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History of Facebook

Let's talk about one of the most famous websites on social media, i.e. Facebook. Did you know? Facebook is looked upon as the third most popular social networking website globally. At the same time, Google and YouTube won the race. There is no doubt concerning the increasing percentage of users using Facebook for building and maintaining connections. Around 71 percent of Americans use Facebook, 38 percent use Integra, and only 23 percent use Twitter. Want to know more about such interesting facts and the reason behind the success of Facebook? Then, take a look at the information given below.

Why is Facebook so popular

History of Facebook

On February 4, 2004, Mark Zuckerberg, a Harvard sophomore, went for the revelation of Facebook that he made to connect Harvard students. In the beginning, more than a thousand students went through the registration process.

With more than 2 billion monthly users, Facebook marked its position as one of the most influential organizations in the market.

During his studies at Harvard, he became a celebrity by creating a site called FaceMash, the website. Through the website, students can judge the looks of their college mates. However, the website was turned down in two days because Zukerberg violated the university rules in getting the resources for the service.

Furthermore, Zuckerberg worked on the basics of the website. The website went live on February 4, where he and his colleagues worked day and night and monitored that an estimate of 1,200-1,500 of their classmates signed up in the first few hours only. There is a rapid increase in the growth of Facebook as a social media website, extending to other Boston section originations and including the remaining Ivy League during the spring. At the end of the year, it comprises a million members. Also, the angel investor Peter Thiel invested $500,000 in the growth of the site.

There are several reasons for the popularity of the Facebook, such as:

Communication Convenience

To speak with someone on the other side of the world in the current world, all one needs to do is pick up a smartphone and go to the Facebook app or website.

Informative and Entertainment

It mixes two components of regular online browsing with a social component. Facebook provides educational content on every global, national, and local subject in today's world while also entertaining users with memes, video games, and other apps. Because of the social media site's massive traffic, consumers nowadays tend to get some of the most important news through Facebook rather than through traditional news outlets.

The convergence point

It has been noticed that Facebook has proven to be one of the best tools for event planning. If you want to create an event on Facebook then it is an easy task and you can advertise the content. We are well versed in the social networking advantages; a Facebook social event may potentially reach tens of thousands of people in just a few days. For instance, During the Arab Spring of 2011, Tunisians and Egyptians used Facebook to communicate.

Interactions with Others

Lastly, networking is why Facebook has become so appealing to the common individual. Social networking is the focus of Facebook. It allows users to see images, special events, posts, and updates from people they are interested in. Furthermore, it lets them contact them with just a few mouse clicks.

Interesting Facts

There are several secrets behind the growth of Facebook, including the increase in the rate of the users:

  • According to an interesting survey by 'Hue Lovers,' blue is the most popular and dominant color among the top 100 sites on the planet, followed by red. It's all part of their marketing strategy. The majority of the colors can easily distract the human eye's attention. Did you know? Blue acts as a transparent palette for 65 percent of the time spent observing the primary background, also known as index space.
  • Initially, Facebook was known as Facebook. After purchasing the domain name for US$200,000 in 2005, the company dropped "the" from its name. Before the purchase, the domain belonged to AboutFace Corporation. Although Facebook membership was first confined to Harvard students; however, it gradually expanded to the United States and, ultimately, the world. However, the name is inspired by the Facebook directories that are often provided to the students in the United States of America.
  • Facebook announced its Bug Bounty Program on July 29, 2011, in which security researchers will have to pay $500 for exposing security weaknesses on the website. According to the report, Russian researchers made the most money in 2013, earning an average of $3,961 for 38 bugs. With 136 legitimate bugs submitted, India received the highest average compensation of $1,353.
  • Facebook is written in PHP, including Hip-hop for PHP (a Facebook-developed source code transformer that changes PHP to C++). Facebook's technology stack includes various built-in languages, including PHP, C, C++, Erlang, and others.
  • Facebook is a multilingual website with 140 languages available throughout the world.

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