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Othello Sample Essay Help

Othello is a tragic play written by the Bard of Stafford upon Avon i.e. William Shakespeare. He wrote in the year 1603. The play has been enacted and has inspired many books and movies. The central theme of the play is jealousy, racism, and lack of trust. Othello, the protagonist of the play is the central character. His character is being portrayed with flaws. The reason for his flaws was that he was incessantly name-called for his race and that escalated after he married an aristocratic white woman, Desdemona. The play has been criticised by many for being racists as Othello was black and he killed a white woman. Some critics say that it is not racist as whatever Othello committed the crime of killing his wife under the influence of Iago who misinterpreted her actions. The complexity of the emotions involved, cryptic language, fluctuations in the characters of the play, and its length make students say,“ Please, Do Othello sample essay for me.” Essays are written to influence the reader and make him understand the author’s perspective. So, some basic principles are to be followed for writing an essay. These guidelines have been curated by the best Othello sample essay help in Australia.

Steps for writing a thought-provoking essay


  • To write a stirring essay, you must first choose the line of argument you want to prove or justify. The most important thing while doing so is to check whether it is relevant to the epoch or subject matter at hand.
  • Wasting time while looking at a ceiling for some revelation is going to do nothing. The reader must first collate the thoughts and then write and rewrite for the final piece.

You need all the time in the world

  • Read and re-read the play if you want to write something unique. You need to get the perspectives of the others about the characters and how they have interpreted it. You will get insight and it will certainly broaden your perspective. After this, the act of writing the essay would feel effortless.
  • Once you have completed your research, try to synthesise and analyse the information and write the first draft. Now, you are left with editing only. The same process might be used in fast forward in an examination.

Decoding the art of planning

Read, read, read again!

  • Reading the prompt or the question multiple times would clear what is being asked.
  • Focus on fashion terminologies of the prompt.
  • Do not change the line of argument halfway.
  • Ensure relevance with contemporary issues.

Collate the ideas

  • Do not deviate from the central theme of the play
  • For Othello, the keywords must be racism, jealousy, betrayal, and loyalty.
  • Weave the essay around the keywords and prove their coherence with the current epoch.
  • Try to streamline the ideas and make them intelligible.
  • Keep an eye peeled for new developments and welcome whatever thought comes or take the best essay writing service.

Streamlining the haphazard

  • Identify the chronological differences and put the facts as they should appear on the timeline of the play.
  • Divide the whole structure into paragraphs.
  • You might have got an idea of putting these paragraphs into an order.

Try to devote a paragraph to each keyword

  • The purpose of the essay to emphasise the central theme and interpret them.
  • Ascribing a topic or keyword to each paragraph would help in writing and structuring.

Time to get things in order

  • Depending on the line of argument, put order to the paragraphs.
  • An essay is like a written debate. You have to make your point and put an argument in support of your claim. It’s like fighting a case in a court of law. Here, the jury is the readers and you will only get a chance to influence them.

These are the general guidelines that would help you in writing an essay for Othello. Now, let us narrow down our approach as to how should we treat and try to address the point in paragraphs. For instance, you want to write an essay on the manifestation of evil in Iago’s character. What are the things that you would like to address:-

  • Critically analyse Iago’s shades in the play.
  • Try to explain through the example of the play what the author thought of his character.

Now, we will have the address the aspects emanating from the argument presented in different paragraphs.

  1. Introduce the basic elements of the character. Try to explain the reason behind his anger, his expectations, and desires. Why does his language is so crude and obscene? What motive does he have to destroy so many lives?
  2. Acutely examine the behavior and interaction of Iago with other characters namely, Desdemona, Cassio, Roderigo in the opening acts and how he behaves differently with Othello? He uses different personae and he is being observed to address as per them, what does this reflect about his character? Examine what is he implying to say through his gestures, physical proximity with different characters, intonation, etc?
  3. Analyse his actions in the third act of the play where he is planting the idea of Desdemona having an affair with Cassio. His words are so piercing, poisonous, and persistent that Othello gets convinced that Desdemona is no longer loyal to him. What is Shakespeare trying to imply here?
  4. Do you think Iago is evil or the victim of his circumstances? What kind of impression do you want to make in the minds of the readers through your work? Try to highlight Iago’s reasons and convey the idea of him being not evil. What psychological traits are reflected through his soliloquies?
  5. The conclusion is one of the most important parts of the essay. Present the picture that Iago is not inherently evil though he has many flaws and nothing can justify his evil actions. Put forward the proposition that Iago’s character could be presented in a milder light. Present the metaphysical relevance of evil and its nature in the play concisely.

Follow these steps and you would be able to write an impeccable essay without asking, “Do my Othello sample essay.”

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