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You may be asked by your professor to submit an integrative essay on a given topic at any point in time as part of your internal assessment. This is considered to be among the crucial aspects on which your writing skills will be assessed.

An integrative essay is a means for a student to express their perspective on a particular subject. The integrative paper should make frequent use of the first-person narrative throughout the text.

Although it may seem like a simple task, the exact meaning of an integrative essay is often unclear for students across various disciplines pursuing higher education. We will try to address multiple queries through this blog and the doubts students encounter while attempting an integrative paper.

What Is An Integrated Essay?

In classrooms as well as professional settings, integrative writing is a major element. However, because of the ambiguity of what defines an integrated essay, the sorts of activities included in this category, as well as the assessment of the resulting writing, vary greatly. We argue in this study for a more precise definition of the phrase "integrative essay assignment."

Let us begin by examining existing definitions in the literature, then describe the construct underpinning integrated tasks, and then propose a number of qualities that we believe should be included in integrated tasks.

What Are The Different Types Of Integrative Essays?

Since integrative writing is a broad embodiment of writing styles, we shall now look at the various forms of integrative essays and papers that are commonly written. Some of them are as mentioned below:

Integrative Summary

An integrated summary is essentially a concise rephrased version of the authors' words and should thus adhere to the authors' original thoughts.

The summary should contain an introduction, and the first line of the introduction should properly cite the titles of the articles and the names of the writers. The commonalities and contrasts should be addressed in depth in the body itself.

Integrative Review

An Integrative Review is written with the following objectives in mind:

  • Evaluate, modify, and criticize the literature
  • Conduct meta-analysis of the literature
  • Analyze, critique, and synthesize the literature
  • Reconceptualize the topic covered in the literature
  • Answer specific research questions about the topic

integrative essay

What Is Integrative Writing In TOEFL?

The TOEFL Integrated Writing part is intended to assess your ability to write in English in an academic context. You should be able to convey your thoughts in a clear and well-organized manner.

There are two sections you will be required to attempt:

  • Integrated writing activity (20 min): read a brief piece and listen to a short lecture before writing in response to what you read and heard.
  • Independent writing task (30 min) – compose an essay in response to a writing topic based on own experience or viewpoint.

Since the writing activities are meant to assess your English ability, you do not need extensive knowledge of specific topics to achieve a good grade. Evaluators understand that each essay is the first draft, and an essay with mistakes might nevertheless earn a good score.

Difference Between Integrative Review And Systematic Review

The primary distinction between a systematic literature review and an integrated analysis is the nature of the research used in the review.

Systematic reviews contain experimental investigations, and randomized controlled trials are frequently included. All experimental and non-experimental research are included in integrative reviews.

Learning Outcomes Of An Integrative Essay

Students will gain an understanding of the qualities (beliefs and attitudes) that contribute to positive learning and implement to their productivity in the program as well as their selected course or academic major.

Accomplishing the task of writing an integrative essay will also enable students to become more comprehensive when it comes to understanding subject matter. An integrated writing task also helps students develop time management skills. Being able to divide the time given to specific tasks will make the student efficient and accustomed to this type of task.

Some Tips To Up Your Writing Game

Listed below are some practices which are essential to developing impeccable writing abilities:

improve writing skills

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