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A position paper, similar to discourse or debate, provides one chosen side of an argument regarding an agenda. The purpose of a position paper is to persuade the audience that your point of view is rational and justifiable.

The concepts you are contemplating must be thoroughly investigated when selecting a topic, constructing your argument, and arranging your paper. It is necessary to guarantee that you cover all sides of the problem and present it in a way that your audience can grasp.

Your goal is to take one side of the debate and convince your readers that you are well-versed in the subject matter being discussed.

For instance, you may have seen that many Model UN conventions ask delegates to present a position paper, which is an article that covers a party's stance on the conference's given themes.

Crafting a detailed position paper not only helps you to get a greater grasp of your nation and the complexities of its foreign policy, but it also positions you to win prizes, whether it's for the best position paper or by augmenting your expertise to become the best delegate.

You may be wondering, ”what is a good position paper?”. And that is exactly what we will help you understand through this blog. Let’s take a look at some of the best pointers to keep in mind while attempting a position paper.  

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How To Write A Good Position Paper?

Here are some tips that always must be considered when writing your position on any issue.

Pick The Right Issue

Before taking a position on an issue, you need first to determine whether or not it is arguable.

To guarantee that you will be able to make a convincing case, make a checklist that has the following criteria:

  • Whether or not it is a legitimate issue, fraught with dispute and ambiguity
  • Are you able to recognize two positions that contradict each other?
  • Would you be convinced about arguing or representing one of these stances?
  • Is it possible to control the outcome, depending on the gravity of the issue?

Carefully Analyze The Topic And Form Your Argument

After you've decided on an issue, you can perform some investigation on it. Although you may already have a view on the matter and a notion of which side of the debate you want to take, you must ensure that your stance is adequately implemented.

Considering the for and against aspects of the situation, as well as a list of substantiated evidence for each side, can help you assess your abilities to defend your counterarguments.

Throughout your investigation, it is critical to ensure that your data originates from reputable sources. Having credible, UN-based sources boost your authority and, once again, may aid in developing a full grasp of your problem. Try using trustworthy sources such as un.org when looking for a university education.

Government and non-governmental organization websites can be reliable yet biassed, while news websites and blogs can give material that is not as reputable as un.org.

Know Your Audience And Form Your Arguments Accordingly

Evaluate the facts once you've built your pro and con lists. Choose your stance after considering your audience and your point of view.

Addressing your readership does not simply imply catering to the lecturer. To persuade someone that your ideas are sound, you must examine his or her style of thinking. The analysis may differ from professor to professor, depending on their fields of expertise.

Creating An Outline

For structuring your essay you can start by creating an outline for the different parts of the position paper.

In an outline, begin by explaining the topic and offering some background information on the issue to show why it is worth arguing. Your thesis will essentially consist of your stand on the issue. Additional information about thesis statements can be mentioned following the thesis statement.

The intro serves two functions: it explains the issue as well as your strategy to it, and it piques your reader's interest in what you have to say. One effective method to introduce a topic is to give context to it. You may begin by discussing the region in which your issue falls and then progress into your specialized field of study.

You can develop rebuttals by considering if anyone who differs from you would argue about each of your assertions or even about your overall stance. After you've come up with some counterarguments, think about how you'll reply to them

Do you acknowledge that your competitor has a point but explain why your viewers should still counter that point? Will you dismiss the counterpoint and reason why it is incorrect? In any case, you should leave the reader with the impression that your case is superior to competing ones.

Marking Rubrics For A Position Paper

Listed below are some of the criteria based on which your position paper might be judged:

  • Writing style and clarity
  • Persuasiveness
  • Reasoning ability
  • Diction
  • Structure
  • Transitions
  • Grammar and spelling
  • Authenticity

Hence, you are always advised to use these markers as a benchmark to determine the quality of your position paper.

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