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woolworths pestle and swot analysis

Students of management and business studies in Australia are often given the task of writing Woolworths PESTLE and SWOT analysis. This involves doing a PESTLE and SWOT analysis of the company Woolworths Limited, which is the largest supermarket chain in Australia. It was launched in 1924 and it earned revenue of over 60 billion Australian dollars last year with a recurring profit of over 3 billion dollars. The company employs more than 200,000 people and has a chain of online stores, supermarkets, merchandise stores, liquor stores, retail, hotels, gambling, etc.

Students are often given the task of writing Woolworths PESTLE and SWOT analysis, Woolworths PESTLE analysis, and swot analysis examples. Students often feel confused when it comes to writing pestle and swot analysis of any company because it requires intense research, time and effort. In such cases, we, at Sample Assignment, provide all forms of academic writing help including Woolworths PESTLE and SWOT analysis.

Woolworths PESTLE Analysis

PESTLE analysis involves examining any company, event or any factor in terms of 6 factors which include Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental factors. PESTLE analysis helps understand the market dynamics and improve the business continuously and consistently. Students are often given the assignment of writing Woolworths PESTLE analysis or writing the Woolworths groups PESTLE analysis. A few factors which can be included in the PESTLE analysis of Woolworths are given below:

  • Political Factors: Woolworths is a big brand and therefore has several political factors contributing to it. For example, the ban of single-use plastic in 2019 led to a slowdown and the process of change from single-use plastic to more sustainable products proved to be time-consuming and costly. Moreover, other bigger political relations impact the trade volumes and import-export trades of Woolworths actively.
  • Economic factors: Increase in competition is problematic for all kinds of industries. Woolworths has failed to capture the market share to its desired amount and has witnessed strategic losses in recent years. According to the data from 2019, Aldi, the biggest competitor of Woolworths, had managed to capture 15% of the market share, posing a big competitive threat to Woolworths. Stock losses, competition threats, and other factors contribute to the economic situation and stability of any company.
  • Social Factors: A report on the PESTLE analysis of Woolworths Australia that as people have started moving towards healthier lifestyles and products, the quality and variety of products available in Woolworths has also increased. In its Grower Fresh Campaign, Woolworths has managed to provide consumers with fresh food and vegetables with a 3.5 star or above Health star rating. Keeping one’s organization updated with the changing social trends is the best way to keep one’s stories relevant and attractive to the consumers. Instead of the Covid-19 pandemic, Woolworths has managed to adapt proper hygiene facilities and social distancing norms and other services for the protection of the clients and staff from the virus.
  • Technological factors: In today’s technological era, it is very important to keep up with the new technological advancements. To provide better service, Woolworths is also trying to become tech-savvy and adopting technology that can enable them to improve their pace and customer satisfaction. Woolworths has started smart stores to make their stores safer, with the use of ipads and robots. The company provides subscription models, and home delivery services from an in house app.
  • Legal factors: It is very imperative to follow all the legal requirements and remain up to date with new legal requirements and updates related to competition, employment, safety, health, consumer protection, data privacy, environmental regulation, corruption, liquor, gaming, etc.
  • Environmental factors: A few points essential to be included when talking about the environmental factors in Woolworth's group PESTLE analysis are: Woolworths has integrated critical CO2 systems under the Good Business Journey program, natural refrigeration units have been set up to reduce carbon footprint, and it has opened stores meeting the 5-star green star design.

It is very necessary to keep performing the Woolworths PESTLE analysis, and working on various trends and responding to demands in each of the sectors to keep up the development and growth of the company or organization. Thus is a brief PESTLE analysis of Woolworths.

What Is SWOT Analysis?

SWOT analysis is a technique of analysis and planning which helps in identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of any particular organization, object or factor.

How To Do A SWOT Analysis?

Students often feel confused when it comes to doing a swot analysis and may need help in understanding how to do a SWOT analysis. A few tips on doing SWOT analysis are:

  • Decide on the subject of your analysis
  • Do a proper systematic research
  • List the strengths of your business
  • List the weaknesses
  • List potential opportunities to grow your business
  • List the potential threats
  • Establish priorities from the items listed
  • Develop a strategy to address issues from the SWOT analysis.

Example Of A SWOT Analysis - Woolworths SWOT Analysis Example

Students often look for examples of SWOT analysis to understand and model them. A sample SWOT analysis example of Woolworths Limited Company is given below:

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