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Writing a Strong Thesis Statement for Research Paper!
A brief outline of thesis statement example for research papers Suppose, you have assumed the role of a jury member for one day. A lawyer trying to persuade you through his opening statement. You will try to arrive at the conclusion whether the accused is guilty or not. It would depend upon how defence or prosecution was able to convince you. Examiners who peruse essays are like jury members. Before reading the whole research paper, they would want to know beforehand whether the essay is worth their attention and time. This leads to an indispensable part of the research paper- Thesis statement. It must compel the reader to read further and promise to convince him of the argument it puts forward. Stewart Stafford remarked beautifully while outlining the nature of the argument, “Arguing is the Olympics of talking.” Some thesis statement example for research papers must be perused to learn the art before attempting it.

It is not about a simple yes or no, it piques the interest of the reader

A direct thesis statement is boring. It is to be understood that the aim of the thesis is not to explain the topic, nor give facts, nor form opinions. For example:
  • “Why Communism could not see the light of the day” is a topic.
  • “Communism collapsed in many parts of the world” is a fact to which every scholar is not oblivious.
  • “Communism could not make its foundation strong in the eastern parts of Europe” is an opinion.
These are direct statements trough which a reader can draw inferences. So, a thesis statement must stir the curiosity of the reader.

Curiosity killed the cat. Here it is going to save you!

The definiens of Thesis statement

As per a leading scholar who guides students by offering his sample thesis statement for a research paper, a thesis statement could:-
  • Enlighten the reader about the interpretation and significance of the topic under discussion.
  • Act as a preamble for the research paper, or we can say, it emphatically communicates to readers the gist of the study.
  • Give an insight upon the topic given. It is an interpretation or an extension of the prompt or research question. For instance, the subject or prompt may be Oeuvres of Shakespeare or Paradise Lost; a thesis offers its threadbare understanding of the works.
  • Put forward a proposition that other’s might not like. But, it must not be derogatory or blasphemous. Satire could be implicated euphemistically. Avoid using derogatory terms or sacrilegious language.
  • Represent the scope of the study in a concise form. It questions the prudence of the reader and encourages him to go through the rest of the study where evidence in support of the argument is organised. It invokes the logic through alternative interpretation.

The two parts of a thesis

Any well structured and good thesis statement is divided into two parts:-
  • It must reflect the line of action for the proposed argument.
  • It should convey what strategy you would follow in support of the argument. What particular support for your claim.

Step by step construction of a strong thesis

Certain standard procedure is advised to be observed while doing your best thesis writing help in Australia.

Analysis of the primary source

Keep your eyes peeled for tension, inclination, haziness, conflict, or complication. Does the author of the prompt so given follow a paradoxical approach? Did you observe a point made before to be shattered subsequently? Is there any purpose to this pattern or it is just an inadvertent mistake? Answering these questions may put you on the path of starting writing a thesis statement. Without following this procedure you might end up writing about the general observations and implications of the work. For instance, you may discuss metaphors in Dante’s Inferno, but you can’t possibly call that a thesis. You might get help from the examples of strong thesis statements for research papers.

After outlining, hit it with a pen and paper

Once you have developed an approach, write down the first draft. You cannot compare the frustration of getting an idea for the thesis and just forgetting it due to some pursuit. The best idea is to write down every thought in keywords to avoid forgetting. After this, the task of collating your thought son a piece of paper in a coherent manner is worthwhile with those keywords in handy, you will be able to think, prudently, and fast. Do not expect to write a final thesis on the first try. But, you may get an idea about how to do it and later edit it by inserting relevant information.

Firth impression is the last impression

You must prominently put your thesis statement in your introduction. You may write it down separately and put it before the introduction as well. Otherwise, an ideal thesis statement must come as the last line of the abstract or an executive summary. According to some of the assignment writers, whether thesis abetment would be a standalone document or a part of other things would depend upon the size and nature of the topic.

Act smarter than your opponent

We all are humans and thus, slave to our instincts, one of them being arguing and questioning whatever comes. The ramifications of writing a thesis are just like that. If your thesis statement gives your opponent a chance to counter-argue, then it might be a good thing. But, the body of the research paper should contain the answer to many plausible counter-arguments that might be stroked. If you find yourself at the dearth of framing the argument and counter-arguments, take the help from thesis statement example for research papers.  Remember, to prove his case, a lawyer gives evidence in support of his claim, but also disprove the testimony of the opponent. Defence only needs to create a reasonable doubt, but the prosecution has to prove the guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Therefore, you need to weigh the validity of your proposition with the counterarguments. You need to make your thesis statement just like that. If you are facing any issue in making your thesis statement, take assistance from the best experts of Sample Assignment. They will assist you in making an impeccable thesis statement right in time.
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