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2024-04-14 06:09:21

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Your Academic  Career Is At Stake Due To Coronavirus? See What You Can Do To Secure It
No sector has remained untouched from the hazardous Coronavirus and the education sector is also not different. Universities the world over have suspended normal classes, shut down the campus services, asked students to vacate the hostels and leave for home. They are going through an unimaginably adverse phase that also put the academic career of several students on stake. The pack of international students is the most adversely affected. These students have gone stranded on foreign land.  The most immediate effect was that they had nowhere to go, with absolutely no clue of the academic proceeding. International travel was closed, and they were purely on the sympathy of their university and government of the home country. Recommended: How To Prevent Boredom and Stay Positive At Home Amid Coronavirus? The experience of global exposure that a student only gets to have on an international campus is no longer there. The only things for which the students and the university are concerned about are the health and safety of students. That is why the guidelines are made for students to study only through the online classes as the regular classes will remain suspended, at least for the coming semester. The present situation has created a lot of confusion for students that if their academic career is secured or not. A sense of chaos is prevailing among students because of their career and the money that they have spent for taking admission and staying on foreign land both are at risk and seem to be giving no return as of now. It's hard to predict the long-term effects of the coronavirus pandemic, but it is most likely to alter the present scenario of overseas studies. As many prominent universities have asked international students to leave the hostel premises with immediate effect without thinking that where and how they will go. This will reduce international students’ confidence in these universities, and they might prefer studying in their own country. According to the present situation, Coronavirus is here to stay for long, so the admission ratio of students in international universities will surely witness a fall. Especially the students of Asia and China will enrol less in the coming semesters because of travel restrictions. So, a lot of things are going around and coronavirus is making a big impact on the students’ academic career. Some of which are listed below:
  • No more regular classes or campus activities
  • Students were forced to vacate the campuses with nowhere to go
  • No clue of when the normalcy will resume
  • Travel ban for international students who are stuck in the middle of their semester
  • Shifting of international students to different universities which are nearby thus more secure and easy to access

What Universities Are Doing To Keep The Count of International Students Intact?

This is a testing time, but not the end of the road. Many universities are trying to provide the best help to international students to keep their count intact and let them complete their semester successfully.
  • These universities have shifted everything online, from lectures to professors’ meet, assignment allocation and submission, etc.
  • Students can access online classes regardless of their location.
  • Universities have also provided financial aid to students who were in need.
  • Many universities in the US are providing international students with free COVID-19 test and counselling.
  • They are also giving webinars to students to manage stress level and coping with isolation.

The Impact On Students and How To Cope with It?

For students, the UK, the US, and Australia are the three most preferred study destinations. But the breakout of corona pandemic has made the situation grim. Many students have taken their admission applications back due to the concerns of safety and shutting down of borders. This has also become a matter of loss of a big part of revenue for these countries as a major part of their earning comes from education.

As the situation has gone upside down, it created a deep impact on students:

  • Their dream of studying in a foreign institution has broken.
  • They may not be able to secure a job in a foreign land because of increased unemployment.
  • They have to opt for online options such as the study material, assignments and exams to complete the existing semester having no access to the university resources.
To cope with the situation, students should stick to the university’s rules and regulations and keep attending the classes online. You should stay in sync with the university’s administration and stay updated with the current and upcoming scenario. As safety and health come first, opt for international travel only when the situation comes under control. Till then, just keep submitting your assignments online. We at Sample Assignment are always at your service whether you study from home or the university. With us, you will not encounter any problem in assignment writing and its timely submission. Your assignment submission deadlines will always be met and you will score the desired grades. Place your order with us and see a new rising graph of your academic career. We have the pool of most talented experts who are qualified enough to resolve all your assignment queries. So, wait no more and place your assignment order now!! Recommended: Impacts of Coronavirus on Healthcare Professionals
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