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As a student, having an assignment is a common scenario in most coursework. Ample research is paramount for you to succeed in writing unique and high-end homework. You need to consult various sources such as books, journals, reports, and websites, among others. Copying work or ideas that belong to someone else and using it as your own is known as plagiarism and it is one of the worst fraud cases in education and research writing. Therefore, when getting information from another person’s work, paraphrase or quote some parts of the content and indicate the ownership of the information; this is called referencing. There are various ways of referencing and your instructor will always indicate the one you should use.

All referencing styles have two elements:  an in-text marker indicating another person’s ownership of that specific concept, idea or text and a reference list comprising of all details of the citations of the sources used in the document. Whether you opt to do your homework by yourself or seek online academic assistance through online tutoring from Sampleassignment, you should be conversant with the following book referencing styles

APA style

When quoting a few lines or words from a book, the in-text citation, which is enclosed in parenthesis, should comprise of the author, year of publication and the page number denoted as p. Otherwise, include only the author’s name and publication year if you have paraphrased the content. If the source has a maximum of five authors, include all their first names in the citation followed by the year of publication. In a book with more than three authors, indicate the first name of the first author and then write “et al.” followed by the year. In the reference list of your assignment, cite authors using their last names, and the rest of their names are put as initials. The author’s names and initials are followed by the year of publication (put in parenthesis), the title of the work (italicized), location and the publisher. All the components should be followed by a full stop apart from the location which is followed by a colon.

MLA Style

The in-text citations of your MLA homework should include only the name of the author(s) and the page number of the content in the book. You can put the name of the author(s) in a sentence or the parenthesis. However, the page number must be in parenthesis. For a book having at most two authors, indicate them using their last names. The in-text citation of a book having three or more authors should include only the last name of the first author which precedes et al. The list of references in APA style is known as works cited list. When citing a book with at most two authors in the list, but the last name(s) first, a comma, the other names. The names are followed by the book title (italicized), publisher and the publication year, respectively.

Chicago Style

The in-text citation should have the author’s last name and the year of publication, but add the page number of the content in case of direct quotes. The name of the author can be outside the parenthesis but the year of publication and the page numbers must be inside. In the list of references, the last name of the author should begin other names’ initials, year of publication, edition, city of publication and publisher follow consecutively.

You will probably encounter all these referencing styles in your education. Practice how to use them in your homework. If stranded, ask for online academic assistance through online tutoring from academic experts in SampleAssignment.

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