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Nursing Leadership Essay Sample

Nursing leadership essays are considered extremely important in Australian universities because of the importance that is given to nursing as a job. In a high strung environment like a hospital, effective leadership is essential for proper functioning. However, being a leader does not mean that you have to be an official manager. Informal leaders are prevalent in almost all work environments these days. Similarly, nursing leaders are the ones who focus on relationship building, informal coaching, mentoring others, and sharing organisation knowledge to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Different types of Nursing Leadership Styles:

Nursing leadership styles are pretty similar to general leadership styles, but with the contribution of healthcare and nursing. Assignments in this field generally comprise of reflective essay writing where you are asked to write your views on how a particular style of nursing leadership is perceived. Some of these leadership styles are mentioned below:

  • Democratic style of nursing leadership
  • Transactional style of nursing leadership
  • Transformational style of nursing leadership
  • Congruent style of nursing leadership
  • Breakthrough style of nursing leadership

These styles can have a major impact on the performances of other nurses as well.

A Nursing Leadership Essay Sample

In your university years, you must have wondered if there was someone who could teach you how to write a reflective leadership essay. Well, now you can easily learn to do that below. This example includes a critical reflection of the leadership theory as it is recognised in clinical practice. In this particular assignment, the nursing leader had adopted the transformational style of nursing leadership. The task: Reflect upon a clinical practice experience where you got to witness exemplary leadership in action or describe a situation where there was a lack of good leadership. Your essay should include an outline of the incident that explains the relevant events in detail for the reader. You will need to identify the parties involved, the challenges that occurred, and the outcomes received. Use a theory of leadership from your module to explain your analysis of the situation. How to properly answer this task: You will need to start by describing the situation and engage your readers with the material using creative statements. You can include quotations, interesting facts, or a personal observation from the incident to get your readers hooked. If you are unable to do so, avail some assignment help online before moving on to: The introduction: You will explain the aim of the essay in this part and tell the readers about your choice of leadership approach that will be employed as a foundation to examine the situation critically. You can end your introduction by mentioning the implications that this situation may have caused on your leadership practices in the future. Overall, your introduction will give your audience a brief idea about what is to come. Nurse Leader The main body: A reflective essay will talk about your life experiences and feelings. This is why you need to start by giving a background of your journey. If you worked with a nurse leader who impressed you with their work ethics and excellent skills, or if they were not putting in enough effort to heal their patients, this is where you need to mention these details. After this, you will move on to describe the clinical practice situation which is the basis for your assignment. You should be ready to get personal in this essay as it is about examining your feelings, strengths, and weaknesses.

  • Since the main body of an essay is generally divided into three paragraphs, your second paragraph will provide critical analysis of the situation to your readers. If you have chosen the transformation model of leadership, you can use this space to talk about the nurse leader you are observing and how they did or did not involve others in the decision-making process. If you were lucky enough to work with a leader who utilised the strengths of their team to demonstrate how you can solve complex situations, you will need to present their thoughts and choices here. If not, use this paragraph to analyse why the nurse leader did not consult their subordinates. Since this is not an easy task for everyone, getting some nursing assignment help will let you speed up this process.
  • The final paragraph will discuss the impact this situation had on your overall leadership practice and how the transformational leadership theory has an effect on your understanding of the nursing leadership practice. Did this incident help you improve your healthcare practices or was it a learning experience in things not to do? Remember to be honest with yourself in this section as a reflective essay is all about looking into yourself and determining what lessons you can take away from a situation or what weaknesses you can improve upon for the next time.

The conclusion: Here, you will wrap up your thoughts and ideas and discuss how different leadership models are beneficial for different scenarios. Remember not to include any new arguments or instances in this section. Instead, talk about how such clinical situations exemplify the requirement of understanding the underlying problems and using the appropriate model of leadership to determine better outcomes for the patient. If you need some exemplary nursing assignment samples, get in touch with us and place your assignment order! Good Luck!

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