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Do you know why meetings are so significant? How you present yourself, how you speak, etc. are keenly noticed in a meeting. In that case, to ace this skill, students opt for the BSBADM502 manage meetings course. This course helps to understand how one should present themselves in a formal setting.

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This unit (BSBADM502) covers the skills and information needed to oversee meeting preparation procedures, chair meetings, organise minutes and report meeting results. It refers to employees in a variety of industries who are responsible for organising and managing meetings in their workplace, as well as completing or managing administrative chores such as supplying agendas and meeting materials. They might be senior administrative workers or persons in charge of conducting and chairing meetings in the company.

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BSBADM502 assessment answers

What are the Different Types of Meetings?

There are various types of meetings. You must have heard about these in your college or university. In the course outline, different types of meetings are clearly mentioned. Here we have given a short description of its types for your reference. Give a read at it -

  1. Face-to-face meeting - When all participants are present in the same physical place, it is called a face-to-face meeting. A face-to-face meeting was simply referred to as "a meeting" before the emergence of conference calls and online conferencing. Face-to-face (where everyone is present), virtual (where most participants are present from various locations), and hybrid meetings are now available (some participants allocated, others joining from different locations).
  2. Teleconferencing meeting - A teleconference is a virtual meeting between two or more people that takes place over the phone or through video. Even when you're all out of the office, it's a simple yet efficient method to communicate with your team.
  3. Teleconferences were formerly conducted via traditional phone lines and were confined to audio-only. They have, however, expanded to accommodate additional functions like VoIP and video.

  4. Webcam meeting - Even when separated by an ocean, webcam meetings allow users to meet face to face. Whether for work or pleasure, these quick, eco-friendly video conversations provide a more personal alternative to audio-only calls. Webcam meetings save money on flights and long-distance charges.
BSBADM502 Assessment Answers

Top 6 Ground Rules for Meeting

BSBADM502 assignment help experts say your first impression is last, if it is your first meeting then you must know the do's and don'ts. Here are some points that you must take into consideration. Give a quick read at it -

  • Attend the meeting and ignore non-meeting matters. Don't interrupt or conduct side discussions while others are speaking. Respect all meeting participants the same way you would like to be treated.
  • Participate fully by expressing your thoughts, asking questions, and contributing to debates. Share your unique experiences and ideas, and be open and honest. Try to suggest a remedy if you state an issue or disagree with a plan.
  • Value information from a variety of sources and listen to increase your intellect. Keep an open mind to new ideas and be on the lookout for the future. You can admire someone's point of view without necessarily agreeing with it.
  • Keep your statements brief and to the point to respect the time of the groups. After an issue has been completely investigated, do not bring it up again. Repeating what others have said is a waste of time for everyone.
  • Respectfully challenge the concept rather than the individual. Blame or judgement will just send you further away from a solution. To get the greatest results, open and productive dialogues are required.
  • Ensure that group choices are endorsed; otherwise, they will not be implemented. Make a list of outstanding concerns and set up follow-up meetings as required. Identify and follow up on actions given to you based on decisions made.

What are the Minutes of the Moment?

Meeting minutes are notes taken during a meeting in order to document what occurs. The important points covered at the discussion are usually highlighted in these notes. Meeting minutes should include the meeting's time, date, and location. These notes should also include a list of who was present at the meeting. If there are any presentations or reports made, the meeting minutes should record this.

Meeting minutes can be a useful resource for team members who were unable to attend a meeting. Taking clear, thorough meeting minutes will assist anyone who wasn't there in understanding any choices or takeaways from the meeting.

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BSBADM502 assessment answers

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There are three types of meetings : information, permission and discussion.

The full form of MOM is Minutes of Moment.

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