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Human Resources Management Plan

A well-developed human resources management plan must define how to estimate, acquire, manage and use staff resources based on the type and complexity of the project, which allows us to guarantee that the right resources will be available at the right time and place.

Human assets are the most valuable means for an enterprise. A resource management plan allows the project manager to identify the current and future needs of the project, offer solutions, and specify the tools to solve them.

This plan is one of the subsidiaries of the project management plan and is a fundamental document for the effective management of employees, and it has repercussions on the results of the project, and therefore, on benefits for the company. However, this resource is not applied uniquely, since it varies depending on the size, complexity, and industry of the project, the situation that the business is going through, and the economic resources available.

Importance Of The Human Resources Management Plan

A human resource management plan, depending on its scope, must be worked across with the functional units involved in the organization. The reason? All must execute actions based on the same line of work, that is, the mission, values, and objectives of the company.

Its importance lies not only in attracting the best applicants to fill the different job vacancies but also in investing adequate efforts in motivating and empowering the project team. While specific roles and responsibilities are assigned to each team member, the involvement of all team members in decision-making and project planning is beneficial. Involving team members in planning bring their experience to the process and strengthens their commitment.

The implementation of a human resources plan, through improving skills, the interaction of team members, monitoring their performance, solving problems, and managing changes, brings as a benefit good management of human capital, therefore, in increased productivity, compliance with behavioral standards and, consequently, in the generation of an excellent work environment and optimal project performance.

execute human resources plan

Steps To Execute A Human Resources Plan

To achieve good results, the following steps should be taken into account because the success of the company depends on it.

  1. Make the organization chart of the company.It is important to graphically define the different hierarchical levels of the organization. The jobs, tasks, functions, and number of personnel that will be in each area, the requirements regarding the level of knowledge of each profile to be hired, experience, attitudes, ideal age, and skills of the candidates must be described.
  1. Define the profile of the management team.It is essential to determine the managerial staff: their work experience, academic training, attitudes, achievements, and functions.
  1. Specify profiles and positions.In this step, it is necessary to define two fundamental factors: the tasks of each job and the number of hours required to perform these functions. This will allow us to know how many employees the company requires to operate and the type of hours that will be applied.
  1. Establish policies.Now it is essential to specify the recruitment policy, the remuneration table, and the guidelines to measure the performance of employees and the schedule or plan of information programs that the company will implement for the employee.
  1. Indicate operational policies.This item has to do with the rules of operation and behavior of the company. It refers to the manual that the company must deliver to all workers. It must include the schedules, disciplinary rules, promotion and evaluation policies, payment of salaries, mechanisms for claims, the process for vacation requests, security policies regarding data protection, among others.
  1. Develop the project team.Invest adequate efforts in improving teamwork by motivating and empowering employees, using assertive communication, applying recognition and rewards, providing positive feedback, building trust among team members, managing conflicts constructively, promoting collaborative problem solving, and collaborative decision-making. All this, to improve the interpersonal skills and competencies of the collaborators, having motivated employees, reducing attrition, and improving the performance of the project in general.
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With a well-worked human resources management plan, the project manager will have an excellent tool to manage project personnel efficiently, optimize processes, identify needs promptly, and guide the company towards achieving its objectives.

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