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Qualified and experienced project managers are in great demand in Australia for many years. "With the Australian Government gearing up to execute huge projects to restart the economy, talent competition will be even fiercer," said AIPM CEO Elizabeth Foley.

Over the next ten years, demand for project managers will expand faster than the need for workers in other occupations. The project management-oriented labour force in seven project-oriented industries is predicted to rise by 33%, or almost 22 million new employment, through 2027. If you are studying BSBPMG509A Manage project procurement course, then within a few years, you will see yourself working in a reputed organization.

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bsbpmg509a manage project procurement assessment assignment help

This course helps students comprehend the project procurement procedures, from planning through conducting and closing out. It guides the student through the process of identifying project requirements, planning, designing contract strategy, tendering, contract management, and contract close.

The lesson teaches students about essential contractual terms, contract delivery methods, and the primary actions in each phase of the procurement process. Each phase's tools and strategies will be covered. Relevant instances and examples will be referenced in class discussions as needed. If you need BSBPMG509A Manage project procurement assignment help, then our team is always there to provide you with assistance to complete the academic task.

What Are The Learning Outcomes Of the BSBPMG509A Manage Project Procurement Course?

The course will help you gain a lot of knowledge related to project management and how to work in a corporate environment. The course will assist you in gaining a fruitful career after completing the course. Our BSBPMG509A Manage project procurement academic assistance have added here some learning outcomes of this course for your reference; take a look at the outcomes jotted here -

  • Comprehend the broad principles of the procurement process, the significance of contractual phrases, and contract supporting parts
  • Create the procurement needs and a sourcing strategy.
  • Create and present a project procurement management strategy for the effective completion of a large-scale project.
  • Create the tender assessment process and provider selection score criteria.
  • Understand the basic principles of the procurement process, the importance of contractual words, and contract supporting documents
  • Create procurement requirements and a sourcing strategy.
  • Create and present a project procurement management plan for successfully completing a large-scale project.
  • Create the tender evaluation procedure and the scoring criteria for supplier selection.

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bsbpmg509a manage project procurement assessment answer

Best Resources To Complete The Course Profoundly

Students who do not have a good set of books feel confused during the course. The students must have a set of reference books and websites then it will help them to understand and comprehend the topics and concepts. So, our BSBPMG509A Manage project procurement assignment help feel free to contact us. Now follow these links to download the books and PDF’s -

  • de Araújo, M. C. B., Alencar, L. H., & de Miranda Mota, C. M. (2017). Project procurement management: A structured literature review. International Journal of Project Management, 35(3), 353-377.
  • Pheng, L. S. (2018). Project procurement management. In Project Management for the Built Environment (pp. 177-193). Springer, Singapore.
  • Morris, P. W., & Pinto, J. K. (Eds.). (2010). The Wiley guide to project technology, supply chain, and procurement management (Vol. 7). John Wiley & Sons.
  • Alhazmi, T., & McCaffer, R. (2000). Project procurement system selection model. Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, 126(3), 176-184.
  • Walker, A. (2015). Project management in construction. John Wiley & Sons.
  • Heagney, J. (2016). Fundamentals of project management. Amazon.
  • Lock, D. (2020). Project management.
  • Chitkara, K. K. (1998). Construction project management. Tata McGraw-Hill Education.
  • Sears, S. K., Sears, G. A., Clough, R. H., Rounds, J. L., & Segner, R. O. (2015). Construction project management. John Wiley & Sons.
  • Cleland, D. I. (2007). Project management: strategic design and implementation. McGraw-Hill Education.
bsbpmg509a manage project procurement assignment help

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bsbpmg509a manage project procurement assessment answer sample assignment bsbpmg509a manage project procurement assessment answer sample assignments

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The Importance Of Project Management In Small- And Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME’s)

The study in this article aims to find solutions for manufacturing businesses to complete projects in real-time and at a lower cost. This study provides a novel model for project implementation success factors in small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). The conceptual model's features were found in previous studies and confirmed through interviews with 20 project managers in Iran's electronics sector. Several previous studies have identified crucial success elements for decreasing time and costs in the development of a new product. These elements are associated with design, product, planning, and procurement. However, none of these studies presented a model that outlines practices that should be used to promote the advancement of new product development in SMEs to save time and cost.

Source - Mohammadjafari, M., Ahmed, S., Dawal, S. Z. M., & Zay, H. (2011). The importance of project management in small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for the development of new products through E-collaboration. African Journal of Business Management, 5(30), 11844-11855.

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The goal of project procurement is to get the commodities and services required to complete the project scope. The project procurement management plan's objective is to establish the technique that the project will use to manage project procurement.

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