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Do you know Australia is a hub of entrepreneurship? In 2017, 12.2 percent of the Australian adult population (18-64 years old)1 was expected to be actively involved in launching and operating new enterprises. This corresponds to 1.8 million fledgling businesses. Small enterprises with less than 19 employees have a 59.7% success rate. Businesses with 20 to 199 employees had a substantially higher success rate, at 75.8%.

If you are also dreaming of starting your own business and being your own boss, then BUS111 introduction to business is the best course for you. Here you will get to know each and every aspect of business and make rational decisions about business growth and development. In case you require BUS111 assessment answers help, then we are always there to assist you. This course is the key to your business success.

Students in BUSINESS 111 explore how organisations produce and capture various types of value for a variety of stakeholders while considering the question "What is a business?" via a multidisciplinary perspective. Students also investigate the problems and possibilities that organisations encounter as a result of their external and market settings.

Internal aspects like product offers and designs, the transformation process, marshalling and managing organisational resources, and the objectives of various organisational actors are also taken into account by students. Finally, students examine what future business organisations could look like, as well as the kind of businesses they would like to work for or start.

BUS111 assessment answers

What are the Learning Outcomes of this Course?

Our BUS111 dissertation help provider says that the course intends to provide you with overall knowledge and information about a business. Business is an umbrella term. It incorporates several topics and subtopics. To get more information on this, read out the learning outcomes added below -

  • Apply business knowledge and practice to articulate viewpoints on a firm's purpose and independently identify internal influencing variables in enterprises, as well as the difficulties and possibilities presented by external forces.
  • Individually and in groups, use an understanding of business knowledge by thinking critically and making reasoned judgments to address business challenges.
  • Demonstrate academic and information literacy, academic integrity (particularly in academic writing), as well as time and self-management abilities.
  • Demonstrate your ability to work as part of a team and communicate effectively.
  • Identify and debate business concerns, including social and environmental issues, using your business knowledge and experience.

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BUS111 Assessment Answers

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What are the Different Types of Business?

We all have heard the term business. But do we know that there are numerous types of business? MBA and Business students must be aware of the term, but most of them are unaware of its different types. So, here we have come up with some important types of business. Give a quick read at it-

  1. Sole Proprietorship - A sole proprietorship is regarded as a company that is owned by a person. This is known as the easiest and simplest form of business. It also serves the business owner with the least financial and legal protection. Sole proprietorships do not make a different legal identity for the business. In essence, the firm's owner has the same identity as the corporation. The owner bears full responsibility for the company's liabilities.
  2. Partnership - A partnership, as the name suggests, is a firm held by two or more persons called as partners. Partnerships, just as sole proprietorships, can benefit from flow-through taxation. This indicates that the income is taxed just once since it is considered as the income of the owners. In a partnership, the owners are entirely responsible for all firm's activities.
  3. Limited liability companies (LLCs) - Limited liability corporations (LLCs) are considered as one of the most adaptable company structures available. LLCs are referred to as a hybrid of a corporation and a partnership. They keep the benefits of sole proprietorships in terms of taxation and the limited liabilities of corporations in terms of liability. In case of Limited liability companies, you can avail several kinds of Different tax treatment options.
  4. Corporation Shareholders lead to the formation of corporations that are independent legal entities. The act of including a corporation shields owners from personal liability for the firm's debts or legal conflicts. If you compare this with any other type of enterprise, then creating a corporation is way more difficult than others.
BUS111 assessment answers

List of the Best Study Materials

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