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Students get the opportunity to use classroom knowledge and collaborate on a related business consulting project as part of the BUS 30009 Industry Consulting Project course unit. A live risk resolution project from a for-profit or not-for-profit organization can be worked on by interprofessional collaboration. Groups can work with project-specific materials from the project briefs while being supervised by an instructor. Groups have one week to present their research and recommendations via papers and team presentations. College students' employability skills are improved and developed by the course.

This course builds on the concepts of Design Thinking, experiential learning, and management consulting to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to work on a real-world problem-solving project. Keep on reading to know more!!

BUS30009 assessment answers

Learning Outcomes of BUS30009

After you complete the course, you will be able to:

  • Analyze a business challenge utilizing problem-solving approaches and design thinking tools while using business management principles, concepts, and theories.
  • Exhibit the capacity to create and defend creative strategies or proposals for accomplishing the customer's project goals.
  • Demonstrate your ability to critically examine your own personal learning and growth while working on a consulting assignment.
  • Use interpersonal skills to collaborate with others to solve business problems, as well as professional communication skills to provide creative ideas through a variety of media.

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BUS30009 Assessment Answers

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BUS30009 assessment answers

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Some examples of such initiatives are shown below:

  • Enhancement of operations
  • projects to cut costs.
  • project pricing.
  • Projects to Improve the Value Chain
  • Projects benefit from increased team efficiency.
  • Projects involving automation
  • Projects to Improve Liquidity

Consultants collaborate with clients to tackle specific market problems. Consulting projects are frequently completed in groups and can include a wide range of topics, covering innovation and technology adoption.

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