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business modernization academic assistance through online tutoring

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How Modernization Theory In Business Modernization Assignment Works?

Modernization Theory is a very important topic of Business Modernization Assignment. Our Business Modernization assignment experts explain that this theory is about developing countries to reach a level of industrialization and economics prosperity worthy of modern society, they must make a profound change in their values and social structures. The observations presented by the proponents of this theory are largely based on the historical development of the northern countries. Therefore, many critics of this theory see in it a Euro-centrist model whose argument is limited to imposing a series of values alien to those of the countries of the South.

This theory assigns a central role to the state in the task of carrying out the necessary changes in the social structure. The process proposed by this theory demands a social restructuring at all levels: from the most basic level, such as the family, to the highest state institutions. Precisely for this reason, a strong and stable state is necessary to carry out the task of modernizing a country. Based on the previous observations, Samuel Huntington predicted that for most developing countries to carry out this task successfully, they would end up under the rule of autocratic and militant governments. Indeed, most Latin American countries during the 1970s succumbed to military dictatorships, with the notable exception of Colombia and a few others.

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The Modernization Theory emerged in the 1950s and 1960s in response to the ideological battle raging between Western capitalism and communism. Faced with the perception of communism as a regional threat, the Western powers, led by the United States, devoted their attention to winning the loyalty of the so-called third world countries of the time. The Western bloc's concern centered on the failure that third world countries had experienced in trying to introduce their economies to the global system.

Given the constant flaws in the development models implemented by these countries, particularly their efforts to substitute imports for domestically produced products, communism offered a rapid and convincing model of development. Against this threat, Modernization Theory divides societies into two types:

Traditional Societies- These are characterized by a social dynamic in which interpersonal relationships are established through emotional and affective links. An important religious component that influences every aspect of daily life. The population is predominantly concentrated in rural areas. The social structure is highly stratified and the possibilities for social mobility are limited, and their economies depend mainly on agriculture and other primary products. According to the Modernization Theory, all these factors are impediments to the free development of a capitalist market. Modern societies.

business modernization academic assistance through online tutoring business modernization academic assistance through online tutoring

Modern Societies- In contrast, modern societies are characterized by impersonal and neutral social relations; which are considered optimal for the implementation of a capitalist market.

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