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Get Business Research Design and Methodology Assignment Help by Experts!

The business research design and methodology course deepen the student's understanding of research methodologies and approaches. The assessment answer requires students to identify, discuss & formulate a research problem thus, presenting the results in a business report by selecting and applying appropriate research methods and techniques. Choosing a research design relevant to the business problem, conducting secondary research suitable to the situation and drawing inferences is a time-consuming and challenging task that requires Business Research Design and Methodology assignment help.

business research design and methodology assignment help

Our subject matter experts possess the core competencies and skills to develop a business research design incorporating suitable objectives, primary & secondary data collection techniques, and analysis methods. Our experts’ deep insight and knack for finding Business Research Design and Methodology assessment answers follow the ethical considerations in international and domestic business contexts. Avail of our services for research-based quality assessment answers that fulfil university guidelines and assessment criteria.

business research design and methodology assignment help

Degrees Comprising The Business Research Design And Methodology Unit

The Business Research Design and Methodology assignment help provided by our experts can be availed by students at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate levels. The Business research design and methods are studied as a part of the following degrees-

  • Bachelor of Business (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Computing (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Social Science (Honours)
  • Master of Philosophy (Economics)
  • Master of Philosophy (Accounting and Finance)
  • Master of Philosophy (Management)
  • Master of Philosophy (Leisure and Tourism)
  • Master of Philosophy (Politics)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Accounting and Finance)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Leisure and Tourism)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Economics)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Politics)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Management)

Topics Covered Under Business Research Design And Methodology

Our Business Research Design and Methodology assignment help services can provide a complete solution for the following -

  • Research background - process, planning and designing, literature review
  • Research methodologies- qualitative and quantitative
  • Sampling techniques and data collection
  • Quantitative data analysis- statistical methods - univariate and multivariate
  • Qualitative data analysis - data collection and analysis
  • Combining quantitative and qualitative research
  • Business research ethics
  • Writing research reports

What are you Expected to Learn from a Business Research Design and Methodology Course?

The successful completion of the business research design and methodology coursework will equip the students with the following -

  • Ability to conduct a literature review that justifies the research question
  • Apply different research designs and their methods addressing research questions while taking into account the ethical issues of research.
  • Frame research proposal for thesis.
  • Analyse quantitative and qualitative data.
  • Refine research question and aim to meet the objective
  • Analyse the limitations and potentials of research practice.

Step By Step Guide To A Business Research Process

A company can research with an aim or hypothesis to understand trends, business issues, and opportunities and how they can be leveraged in the best possible way. The following business process can also be used to answer a Business Research Design and Methodology case study.

Here is a step by step guide to business research -

  • Identification of opportunity/problem - to commence business research, one must identify the problem or opportunity that needs to be leveraged. Frame the hypothesis and discuss the objectives of the research based on the identification.
  • Plan the research design - select the appropriate research design for the business research process. The research design could be quantitative or qualitative research.
  • Select the research method- qualitative and quantitative research designs employ different methods to collect and analyse data. Once the research design is chosen, the respective methods can be applied for business research.
  • Data collection - employing the research method as per the chosen design, data is to be collected and assimilated.
  • Data analysis - evaluate the data collected to gather relevant observations and findings.
  • Communicate results - framing the business reports that enunciate the techniques and strategies to leverage opportunities or resolve issues.

Recent Researches On Business Research Design And Methodology

Our subject matter experts have presented the following to provide Business Research Design and Methodology report writing help. Here are a few recent pieces of research that you can utilise for your assessment answers-

Jones (2017) researched state the suitable approach towards complex family business research methodology. A mixed-methodological approach, when utilised for a family business research question, obtains valuable theoretical insights.

This research provides the apt assignment help on Research methods by stating the literature review process. According to Wong et al. (2013), the literature review must be conducted in four phases-

  1. Phase : Designing the review
    • Mention the contribution of conducting the specific literature review
    • Keep in mind the research question and the potential audience of the review.
    • What will be the strategy of search, i.e., database, search terms, inclusions etc.?
  2. Phase : Conduction of review
    • Scrutinise if phase one delivered the needed samples or does it require changes
    • Practical plan of article selection
    • Documenting the search plan and selection
  3. Phase : Analysis
    • Abstraction of specific researches following the research question
    • The training of reviewers for the quality of this process
    • The documentation and reporting of the process
  4. Phase : Structuring and writing review
    • Conveying the need and motivation for the review
    • Standards of reporting for the review
    • Results to be presented and the contributions communicated.
Business Research Design and Methodology Assignment Help Australia

Business Research Design And Methodology Assignment Sample Online

Have a look at the following business research project attended by a student under the guidance of our experts. The students are asked to pick a topic of their choice; indicate the research problem, conduct secondary research on the subject and state the solution for the situation in a business report-

business research design and methodology assignment help report

The Business Research assignment help online service provided by our experts for the above question consists of choosing methods to detect the problem, conduct secondary research and overcome the challenges with the help of SWOT analysis and PESTEL analysis.

SWOT Analysis - Stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The business research design requires SWOT analysis to frame a strategy or, as mentioned above, the opportunity to be leveraged.

PESTLE Analysis - Stands for political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal factors. It helps understand the factors that might be impacting the business; it also identifies the risks for SWOT analysis.

Why Should you Trust our Experts for Writing a Perfect Business Research Design and Methodology Assessment Answer?

Students can rely on our assessment guidance as they are attended by management experts with strong academic and professional experiences. The solutions provided by them are in accordance with the university guidelines and the purpose and criteria of the assessment. Our commitment towards student satisfaction makes us the best assignment help company. Reach out to us for business research design and methodology assessment help now and score well for this academic session. All the best!

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