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Over the last two decades, technological innovations have significantly transformed the structure of work and communication. As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, all workers must understand whether technology can affect how we interact in the workforce. Students will investigate the influence of communication innovation and knowledge technology on the workforce in this subject. Students will gain an understanding of various technological applications, such as the job of company operations; big data assessment as an input to contemporary organizations; the diverse environment of connectivity; and the future implications of AI technologies on conventional labor practices and career paths.

Students will study the influence of technology on how organizations interact with their workers and clients, as well as the larger sustainable implications of technology. Students will also be shown how to use technology to communicate in a range of settings and organizational situations. The purpose of this unit is to increase students' understanding of the impacts of information technology on individuals, the economy, work, and civilization, as well as to improve their abilities in using information to contribute effectively to the efficient running of the industry.

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BUSN111 assessment answers

What are the Contents of the BUSN111 Working with Technology Courses?

According to our BUSN111 Dissertation Help specialists, the course contains the following items:

  1. A brief history of technology and automation.
  2. Digital upheaval.
  3. New technological developments.
  4. The changing nature of labor
  5. The importance of information systems in achieving organizational success.
  6. Concerns about cybersecurity and privacy.
  7. Data analytics and big data
  8. The possible impact of artificial intelligence.
  9. Technology has improved communication.
  10. Technology's social and environmental effect
  11. Organizational digital communication.

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BUSN111 Assessment Answers

Course Aim

Technological advancements have significantly altered the nature of employment opportunities. As technology continues to advance at a breakneck pace, all employees must understand how technology affects the way we interact in the workplace.

Students will investigate the influence of information and technology on the workplace in this subject. Students will gain an understanding of various technological applications, such as the role of information systems in organizations, big data analysis as an input to contemporary organizations, the diverse environment of communication channels, and the possible effects of traditional employment practices and professional roles.

Learning Outcomes of the BUSN111 Working with Technology Courses

According to our BUSN111 Dissertation Help providers, taking this course may help you grasp the importance of BUSN111 Working with Technology assessment and how they benefit the field. After course completion, you will be able to:

  • Describe the significance of the workplace technology and how data underlies all aspects of a business, as well as the necessity of data security.
  • Demonstrating the use of Microsoft Office products for networking, data analysis, including advanced analytics.
  • Examine and identify major technological developments, and evaluate their capacity to create unsustainable businesses.
  • Demonstrate mastery of communicative theories and information literacy for both corporate and academic customers by using applicable awareness, capabilities, and judgment.
  • Participate in personal growth by demonstrating involvement and cooperative involvement.
BUSN111 assessment answers

Learning and Teaching Strategies and Motivation:

This course uses an active learning method to teach students not merely how to utilize technology in practice, but how to analyze and synthesize knowledge about technology's influence on work as well as society. In a succession of workshops, the students may investigate the knowledge basis that underpins working in a technologically advanced world. These workshops are intended to assist students in actively participating in the development and interpretation of understanding, both individually and as a group.

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