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All organizations must be able to assess, examine, and react to outside factors. The legal/political, economic, and consumer settings are crucial contexts in which organizations function. Students will gain the information necessary for good management in this course by studying ways to support efficient decision-making in marketing, statistics, business law, and economics.

With the information acquired in this unit, students will be able to evaluate the possibilities and dangers associated with operating a firm in highly competitive consumer and commercial marketplaces. With a focus on consumer and business law perspectives, students will do this through building a grasp of the legal and economic foundations pertinent to business. Students will utilize this understanding to apply it to the managerial task of marketing, which is externally orientated.

This unit aims to improve students' understanding of the external environments in which organizations operate, to help them learn the fundamentals of statistics, to analyze trends in these environments, and to apply their newly acquired knowledge to tasks related to marketing function.

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BUSN112 Assessment Answers

Topic covered in BUSN112 Course:

  • Basic principles of business law in Australia.
  • Introduction to marketing, consumer orientation, and the marketing mix, together with major economic concepts and Australian economic institutions' forms of competition,
  • Marketing segmentation, targeting, and positioning descriptive statistics and their application in business decisions
  • There are ways to show data to help people comprehend statistical results.
  • Communicating effectively across a range of circumstances and organizational structures is key.
BUSN112 assessment answers

Learning Outcomes of the Course BUSN112 Course:

After completing this lesson successfully, students need to be able to:

  • Identify a source of stress in management life from a list that includes mismatches between capabilities and roles, player-manager conflict, and everyday pressures.
  • Determine the primary economic and regulatory elements' influence on the organization's macroenvironment. They comprehend the concepts of management and managerial effectiveness.
  • Determine the core marketing approaches and ideas that will lead to profitable business and social consequences. Determine the duties that are performed when working as a manager.
  • Examine several statistical tools for guiding marketing decisions. Determine which management actions contribute to managerial effectiveness. Time constraints and the need for time management
  • Use relevant knowledge, skills, and judgment to demonstrate mastery of communication theory and information literacy for business and academic audiences.

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BUSN112 Assessment Answers

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Marketing management is especially crucial for small firms because it allows them to compete on an equal playing field with larger players. Through consumer research, innovative campaigns and marketing methods, and favorable branding may all help a firm stand out from the crowd.

The process of supervising and planning new product development, advertising, promotions, and sales is referred to as "marketing management." Creating and implementing an advertising plan is an example of marketing management.

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