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For every organization, it becomes essential for the conduction of activities using which the society as a whole benefit. For instance, there are charitable causes, and philanthropic activities play an essential part in corporate social responsibility-related cases. The Australian Government and human rights council is a body which mandates the activities related to corporate social responsibility by different Australian corporations.

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BUSN3017 assessment answers

List of Universities in Australia offering Corporate Social Responsibility Courses

  • UNSW Sydney
  • Swinburne University of Technology
  • Australian National University
  • The University of Queensland
  • University of New England
  • The University of Newcastle

The above-mentioned universities in Australia are known to provide quality education and training with respect to corporate social responsibility.

Structure of the Course

The topics with regard to the field of corporate social responsibility focus on the following topics to be covered on a comprehensive basis.

  • Business Organisations
  • Companies and Incorporation
  • The company constitution promotes Pre-registration contracts.
  • Companies, outsiders and corporate liability
  • Membership, member's powers and dividends
  • Financing a company via equity or debt

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BUSN3017 Assessment Answers

Learning Outcomes of BUSN3017

Once you complete these courses, then the students will be capable of doing the following:

  • Doing a relevant analysis of various socio-economic contexts and defining roles in relation to sustainability and social justice
  • Providing relevant information in response to various stakeholders and different aspects of responsibility, accountability and reporting issues
  • Application of developmental practices with regards to corporate social responsibility and reporting
  • Identification of regulation as well as voluntary-based actions with regards to corporate social responsibility, accountability as well as reporting.

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BUSN3017 assessment answers

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  7. Ensuring all the proper skills using the problem solving and critical skills in addition to the knowledge applied that are essential for the completion of the projects
  8. Post the utilization of the assignments in a proper form of layout format is utilized with references. Likewise, it becomes essential to thoroughly read and analyses various assignment instructions to ensure the rectification of any errors.

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BUSN3017 Assessment Answers 2

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Every organization is required to present relevant information about its overall CSR activities. For the most part, these organizations are also liable to present these types of contributions for their regular concepts with regard to the different reports that are required to be submitted to the relevant authorities

Although every organization is not liable for conducting CSR activities. But it is recommended for every organization to conduct relevant CSR activities. For the most part these activities ensure a positive image of the organization that would eventually boost their business.

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