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Writing is an effective form of communication. Some people have the gift of impactful creative imagination that they express through words. For that, the writer must possess basic knowledge of grammar and punctuation. Some authors from Admission Essay Writing Service can do the pre-writing, streamline the thoughts into coherent sentences, and revise the write-up. But, proofreading can only be done when one has eye for detail. People dread all the grammatical rules but a little effort into brushing these skills wont hurt.

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Many people think that rules regarding punctuation are not flexible. They live under the impression that only a certain class of people can have expertise in this. Students who write academic papers and assignments would be delighted and surprised to know that rules become more clear if this has been incorporated in your speech. So, essentially is he speakers who are well versed with the minutiae of punctuation.

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According to our essay writing help expert, these rules are made and followed by authors and academicians so they can make their expression more effective. It has been observed that their meanings change with time and usage. This article will reveal some of the most used and important punctuation marks. A grammar book will give a detailed view of all the rules. This could take a lot of time. Why waste time when you get the best advice in concise form from the best cheap online assignment help in the UK.

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According to one of the experts of assignment help, punctuation marks help to clarify the correct meaning and tone of the sentence. These are signs that imply that the reader needs to pause, emphasise, change the object, or reflect on or to define the relationship between the text where it is put.

Imagine what all-prose would look like without punctuation! It would be gibberish. No one would know where the sentence is ending and where it started. For example, let us eat father. It would simply mean that children are going to eat their father. But, the reader would conclude this because there was no mark between the father and the rest of the sentence.

There is no problem with the basic construction of the sentence but an omission as o the punctuation mark ruined the ides it wanted to convey. Therefore, a well placed and correct punctuation can lead to clarity and introduce more sense into writing. That is the purpose of putting the punctuation mark. Students often take Admission Essay Writing Assignment Help online in Canada when they are stuck.

rules of using correct punctuation

Here is a list of some of the important punctuation mark of all:-


  • Commas are used to separate similar words, clauses, and phrases in a sentence. For example--- Remy, Caleb, Rita, and Adam are good friends.
  • Commas are used to separate the rest of the sentence with the dependent clause that comes before the subject in the sentence. For example---- Since you are on time, help me finish my homework.
  • It is used to draw readers attention to a particular thing like instead of writing-----we get afraid when it gets dark, the writer may write----when it gets dark, we get afraid.
  • Commas could be used to join an independent sentence with a clause with a conjunction like yet, so, and, nor, for, or, etc. For example, My English is good, but I scored less in science. This information cant be provided by some cheap assignment help online in the UK. Commas separate adjectives that are used in a row to describe a common noun. There is a simple add-on to this rule. Avoid using commas for separating adjectives that could be put in a certain order. Here are some examples:-
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i. Correct: The shop serves cheap, delicious food

ii. Incorrect: the shop serves cheap delicious food.

iii. Correct: the garden has fresh red roses.

iv. Incorrect: The garden has fresh, red roses.

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Quotation marks

  • These are used to quote the exact words uttered by the speaker. For example, Mia said, I want to go to the market.
  • Quotation marks cant be used in an indirect speech where the summary of the sentences of the speaker is told in other words. For example. Mia said that she intended to go to the market.
  • Periods and commas could be included within the marks. Like Van Gogh said, Ill want to put on some good clothes before going out.
  • Semi-colons cant be included like this. They are put outside quotation marks. Like--- I would like to recommend the oeuvres: The will come with chicharron!

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  • They are used between compound numbers starting from twenty-one to ninety-nine. They are used to denote fractions too, like Two-thirds of the majority.
  • Hyphens come after prefixes like self and all. It also comes before suffix elect.
  • Care must be taken to use hyphens as they can alter the meaning of the word and the sentence if they are put where they are not needed. For example, word repress means to subdue something while re-press means to iron something again.

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