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Understand Algorithm with Algorithm Assignment expert

The set of instructions that help in solving a problem or completing a task is known as an algorithm. They are widely used in mathematics and computer science as a well-defined finite series, helpful in solving problems. For the computers to process the data, algorithms are a must.

  • They are unambiguous and clear. Algorithms do not have more than one interpretation.
  • There are different types of algorithms used for different purposes.
  • There are three accepted levels for representing algorithms.
  • High-level description
  • Implementation description
  • Formal description
  • The implementation of several algorithms is as computer programs.
  • There are several types of algorithms such as graph algorithms, sequence algorithms, etc.
  • The algorithms can not be patented. Due to this, there have been several legal issues regarding algorithms.
characteristics of algorithms

Some important points to remember while designing an algorithm

  1. The steps should be clear and precise. Each step is very important in an algorithm. Any mistake in the steps may not give the right and desired result.
  2. The algorithm used for a problem should be effective. There are different ways of giving instructions. The user must know what is required, when it is required and how it must be used.
  3. Input and output are two very important components in any algorithm. They should be defined accurately. There must be zero error while defining the input and output.
  4. Make sure the algorithms are defined in a way that they can be applied to several programming languages.

Know the classification of algorithms with Algorithm Homework Help

There are several ways to classify algorithms. Every classification has its merit. The various classifications of algorithms are:

  1. By implementation
algorithm assignment help

There are several classifications under the implementation class of algorithms. These are:

  • Recursion- When an algorithm repeats itself until a condition is reached is known as recursion.
  • Logical- In a logical algorithm, there is a combination of logic and control.
  • Serial, parallel, or distributed- The algorithms designed for serial computers are known as serial, parallel, or distributed algorithms. These algorithms take one step at a time.
  • Deterministic or non-deterministic- In the deterministic algorithm, the exact decision is given at each step, and in non- deterministic algorithm typical guesses are made.
  • Exact or approximate- In exact algorithms the answers given are exact and the approximate algorithm gives the closest true value.

2. By design paradigm

There are several paradigms and every paradigm is different from each other. Another way to classify algorithms by design paradigm. Common paradigms are brute-force, search and enumeration, reduction of complexity, divide and conquer, randomized algorithm, and backtracking.

3. Optimization problems

Algorithms are also classified based on optimization problems. These algorithms may fall in the general categories briefed above as well as in the category of optimization problems. The categories under optimization problems are linear programming, dynamic programming, the greedy method, and the heuristic method.

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