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Understanding Ancient Greece With Ancient Greece Homework Experts

  • The civilization that belonged to Greek history from the 12th-9th centuries BC to the end of antiquity is known as ancient Greece. It was a part of the Greek dark ages.
  • The period that followed this era immediately was the early middle ages and the byzantine period.
  • The Greek urban poleis began to form in the 8th century BC immediately after the late bronze age collapse of Mycenaean Greece, nearly after 3 centuries.
  • The history of ancient Greece has been very interesting. There were new things and developments constantly.
  • There was classical Greece, conquests of alexander, Greco-Persian wars, etc.
  • For students do an assignment on ancient Greece is very challenging.
  • Ancient Greece has had a powerful influence on many countries and eras such as ancient Rome, Europe, etc.
  • There were several independent cities in ancient Greece.
  • The status of the citizen in ancient Greece was given only to people with the land and those who were native-born men. There was no power or status to the slaves.

The History Of Greece Has 4 Periods

  1. Archaic period - Archeologists use this term to define the development of artistic culture in Greece. This period lies between 650 to 480 BC.
  2. Classical Greece - This period was for around 200 years from the 4th and 5th centuries BC. It saw the annexation of most of modern Greece.
  3. Hellenistic Greece - The period between the death of alexander and the annexation of classical Greek by the roman republic is known as Hellenistic Greece. It started in 323 BC.
  4. Roman Greece - The history of Greece after the roman victory is known as roman Greece. The Romans won over the Corinthians at the battle of Corinth in 146 BC.

Know The Culture Of Ancient Greece With Ancient Greece Homework Helper

  1. Philosophy - The ancient Greece philosophy has a major impact on modern-day philosophy. Its focus was on the role of reason and inquiry. Philosophy in ancient Greece also influences science to some extent. Plato and Socrates were the two most popular philosophers of ancient Greece. The republic by Plato has information regarding ancient Greece.
  2. Literature and theatre - Homer was the earliest Greek poet who composed poems and was a part of the existing tradition of oral poetry. In ancient Greece, poems were composed for performances. In 600 BC the theatre culture in ancient Greece flourished.
  3. Music and Dance - Music in ancient Greece was everywhere. Be it weddings, funerals, or religious events, music was there.
  4. Science and technology - There were many developments and contributions by ancient Greece in science, technology, and mathematics.
  5. Art and architecture - Ancient Greece has an immense influence on many countries for its art and architecture. The art and architecture of ancient Greece are often talked about.
  6. Religion - The tribes in ancient Greece worshipped the same god even after being in different cities.
ancient greece homework help canada

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