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Astronomy refers to the scientific study of heavenly objects like planets, stars, Galaxies, meteorites, etc. Astronomy is one of the oldest sciences. But, during the three decades, technology has changed the paradigm of astronomy. The general public can also have access to telescopes and information related to the domain. The internet has also contributed to the development of the subject.

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People are now becoming aware of the scope of the subject and the thrill it offers. Students are getting enrolled in the subject in colleges and universities. Different types of courses are designed by the colleges to accommodate students. As the domain of the subject is relatively new, it is offering new challenges for astronomy homework help online in Canada.

Key Concepts of Astronomy

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There is a dearth of research material owing to the subject being out of the traditional sphere of subjects. Our astronomy homework experts have revealed that due to inexperience students often commit silly mistakes while selecting the topic of their thesis. They often confuse a theory with a proven fact which destroys the purpose of their dissertation. The approach of dealing with theories is different and they realize it when the time has already lapsed.

We know about only five percent of the universe which consists of planets, stars, galaxies, etc. So, whatever information is there about the dark matter is in the form of theories that are not purely disproven. Their sense of perspective is also narrow initially. We cannot compare the earth or anything found in space. The rules of physics as operating here fail after the line of earthly atmosphere according to our astronomy homework experts.

Evolution of universe

It is commonly believed that our Universe came into being when the solid and condensed mass the size of a fist exploded. So, in a millionth of a second, all that we know was created. This is known as the Big Bang. According to popular theory, everything we know about can exist in a space the size of a fist if we cramp the space between atoms. A famous example is conducted to describe the phenomena. Take a balloon filled with paint. Take a large whiteboard and lay it down on the ground. Take the balloon filled with red paint to a height and let it fall freely on the center of the board. You will feel that the paint has splattered all around in all directions. The big bang happened like that.

We can equate it with this. Take another Balloon and mark dots on it. Fill it with the air and you will observe that all the dots are moving away from each other. Our universe is expanding like that. After trillions of years, this would stop and all the things would fall back again to its original place. This cycle of contraction and expansion will go on for years. Another theory called the Super-String Branes theory holds that our world came into being after the collision of the branes. All these theories are a part of Astronomy.

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There is nothing as dense and heavy as a black hole. You can only comprehend it exclusively. The EHT or Event Horizon Telescope has managed to get an image of a black hole. According to NASA, the black hole is 6.5 billion times the size of the sun at the centre of the messier 87 or M87 galaxy which is fifty-five light-years away.

There is an inherent paradox when we talk about Astronomy. The students have to study large distances and measures such as mentioned above and small distances as small as the size of a proton. The rules of physics are a natural corollary of quantum mechanics. This is why students are often looking for someone to help with astronomy homework.

What Subjects Are Needed For Astronomy?

Astronomy deals with the formation of the universe, earth and its surrounding planets, and space beyond the solar system. Whatever phenomenon occurs outside the earth's atmosphere is the subject matter of astronomy. Fundamental principles of theoretical and applied physics like thermodynamics, the theory of relativity, etc. along with chemistry, meteorology, etc. are read in astronomy. The amalgamation of these subjects makes students take astronomy homework help.

What Are The Tools Used In Astronomy?

  1. Turning board or Alidade is a device with which an object that is far away could be located and a stipulated task may be performed like measuring the height of that object.
  2. Bolometer is used to measure the magnitude of electromagnetic radiation which is reflected when a certain object is heated.
  3. Chronograph is a device to muffle the glare of the light coming from a start so that objects around it can be seen clearly. Most of the coronagraphs are utilised to see the corona of the sun.
  4. Gnomon is used in a sundial which casts a shadow with which the time could be ascertained.
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What Are The Tools Used In Astronomy?

The discipline of astronomy could be divided into two parts. One of them is practical and another one is theoretical. Observational astronomers observe celestial objects through telescopes and tools to gather data on them. Theoretical astronomers develop theories based on these observations.

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