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Biosocial Theory Homework Help

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biosocial theory homework help

The Concept of Biosocial Theory

DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) contains a basic theory of biological cycle theory that explains how symptoms arise and how problems persist, not only with a borderline personality disorder but also in a variety of different psychological therapies within DBT. The biological model, the biological part of the biosocial model, refers to the idea that emotional vulnerability is innate. We all have different sensitivities in our skin.

We are more or less delicate to the sun, more or less sensitive to detergents, perfumes, and many more. We have a biological sensitivity to digestion, what we can eat and when we are faced with the biggest problem, we also think about our emotions. We are born more or less emotionally sensitive, and that doesn't necessarily have to change. This is somewhat that is part of your heritable temperament.

So in DBT, the idea is that interaction over time is seen as the ineffective environment causing the problem. An ineffective environment is one in which a person does not fit. An inactive environment can be aggressive, but it doesn't have to be aggressive

When someone is born to be emotionally sensitive and is placed in an environment that is not appropriate for him or her, the pattern of reinforcing interaction that occurs over time is characterized by emotional distortion it causes. The central problem with DBT is generalized emotional distress. One way you can get to know a patient is that dynamic behavioral therapy (DBT) can benefit if the main benefit is that he is suffering emotionally.

I think emotional distortion is a thermostat that will not be stable, especially sensitive to a crisis, it feels things more sharply than others. When a person is in a disabled environment, it is almost as if he was born with gluten intolerance and was born into a family of bakers. The situation will be very difficult. A person cannot have gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivity. And bakers are not aggressive or have no problem being a bakery family. But the problem comes in a combination of the two.

When we have families or husbands asking, "Whose fault is this?" Or why is it so? "DBT sees this as an impeccable model. It is not the fault of the person starting the therapy. The family is not responsible. It is the interaction between the two that causes a problem. It maintains the destruction in the environment and can increase the biological vulnerability of the person Patterns begin to emerge between the two, so when at the starting of the treatment, part of the treatment involves identifying and changing those patterns that cause symptoms to widen.

Biosocial Theory and Emotional Modulation

Our experts of Biosocial Theory Writing Help Canada, explains that the theory holds that BPD subjects have difficulty regulating several, if not all, of their emotions. This is produced by emotional vulnerability and the use of inappropriate and little adaptive emotion modulation strategies.

Emotional vulnerability is defined by the following characteristics:

1. Very high sensitivity to emotional stimuli

2. A very intense response to emotional stimuli

3. A slow return to emotional calm once emotional arousal has been induced

Emotion modulation is the ability to:

1. Inhibit inappropriate behavior related to negative or positive emotions.

2. Organize oneself for coordinated action in the service of an external objective (act in a way that does not depend on the state of mind).

3. Calm oneself: calm the physiological activity induced by a strong emotion

4. Getting to focus attention on the presence of strong emotion.

The dysregulation of emotions in subjects with BPD is the result of the combination of a hypersensitive emotional response system with an inability to modulate the resulting emotions and the actions associated with them. In general, the disposition to deregulate emotions has a biological basis.

Biosocial Theory Homework Help

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