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While you get to study the human brain and its abilities or disabilities, making sure that you get the best grades with easy assignment making becomes a dream! We, at Sample Assignment, are here to let this dream come true. With the bipolar 2 case study help, you can stop worrying about the grades and make your way to become a successful psychiatrist or a psychologist.

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bipolar 2 case study help

To ensure that you get well-versed with the subject let us now understand what Bipolar disorder is all about! Order in now for a bipolar 2 case study in Canada and get the best-versed assignments!

What is Bipolar Disorder?

As per the professional Essay Writing Help providers, Bipolar is said to be a mental illness that marks extreme mood swings. One of the greatest symptoms includes an extremely elevated mood, also known as Mania. They also hold in episodes of depression.

facts about bipolar

People with Bipolar disorder have trouble managing their daily lives in school and office. They also find it difficult to handle their very own relationships. This is one disease with no cure. You might take up medication or treatments to live a normal life, but it does stay forever.

As per the writers who provide help with a bipolar disorder case study, there are three main types of Bipolar:

  1. Bipolar 1

Here, the patient faces at least one experience of mania which lasts for a min of 1 week. One might have depression episodes too.

  1. Bipolar 2

If you experience both severe episodes of depression and mania, you are diagnosed with Bipolar 2.

  1. Cyclothymia

If you have been Bipolar 2 for the time of 2 years or more. This is a difficult diagnose to reach, because the symptoms may not look serious, but they are. Cyclothymia can hold a serious impact on your life and thus encompasses a lot of different experiences.

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Case Study on Bipolar Disorder

Our team of experts at Sample Assignment gets various kinds of case studies to write answers to. While the students get too much stressed out by looking at them- we make sure that you get a well-written solution. One such example is that given below as part of the bipolar 2 case study assignment help is:

carly case study help

carly case study answer

Base on the above case study, the students were asked to write a report. The report that was handed over to us was written as per the university guidelines and the marking rubrics. They ensured that the proper format of a case study was followed to ensure no deduction in grades. Below is the suggested format that is followed by our team of experts who provide Case Study Assignment Help:

  1. Introduction

Under this section, the report will explain the topic of the case study; the problem faced by the readers and the things that would be talked about further.

  1. Body

Under the main section of the report comes the body content. This section can include technical terms that make the report look professional. It becomes easy for readers to understand and learn about the subject as well. Under this particular case study, the following topics were talked about in the body content:

bipolar 2 case study solution

bipolar 2 case study help

  1. Discussion

This is an optional section. Some writers highlight it and some just prefer to merge it with the body content.

  1. Conclusion

This is where the gist of the body content is explained in brief. Keep this section simple and to the point.

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What Are The Various Symptoms Of Bipolar 2 Disorder?

During a manic episode, moods are at the higher side and can manifest to be euphoria or irritability. Some of the common symptoms during the same are:

  1. Jumping suddenly from one idea to another
  2. Holding self-confidence which is exaggerated
  3. Loud speech and rapid
  4. On a higher side of the energy, sleep-deprived, and hyperactive.
bipolar 2 case study help

The majority of people with Bipolar 2 experience more depressive emotions rather than hypomanic. Depressure is said to occur soon with hypomania or even sometimes much later. Untreated, one episode of hypomania lasts for a few days to many months.

What Are The Treatments For Bipolar 2 Disorder?

People with bipolar disorder are benefitted from preventive drugs that help them to level out moods for a long period. Many such treatments are:

  1. Mood Stabilizers

There are many drugs such as Lithium, Lamotrigine, Carbamazepine, Valproate, etc. these drugs help the human mind and brain to stabilize the moods that are either too high to too low. They are also known as experimental treatments for mood symptoms.

  1. Antipsychotic

Drugs like aripiprazole, asenapine, and cariprazine are used for patients who have hypomania and drugs like Seroquel are used for episodes of depression.

  1. Antidepressants

Seroquel and Seroquel XR are some of the FDA approved drugs that are used to fight depression. Psychotherapy, such as that for cognitive-behavioural therapy also helps.

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