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equilibrium of bodies

Important Homework Topics For Equilibrium Conditions Of Bodies

BALANCE- It is the state of immobility of a body subjected to two or more forces of the same intensity that act in opposite directions, thus counteracting or canceling each other. In the same way, equilibrium is considered to be a state of immobility of a body, subjected only to the action of gravity, which remains at rest on its base or point of support.

bodies in equilibrium homework help

STATIC IN BENEFIT- One of the greatest achievements of statics are constructions (bridges, buildings, roads, etc.), which would not make sense if they were not durable. The stability of the constructions is directly related to the quality of the material, the arrangement of the bodies, and the balance between them.

Knowledge of the rules for balance and the resistance of materials to the forces that affect it have led to the development of new designs, sometimes used by engineers to produce impressive works. The study of statics is usually the first in the area of mechanical engineering because the procedures that are carried out are usually used throughout the other courses.

STATIC- Statics is the part of mechanics that studies the system of forces, which act on a body so that it is in balance.

BALANCE- Anybody is in equilibrium when it lacks all kinds of acceleration. There are two types of balance.

Static equilibrium, when a body is not moving (Velocity = 0, Acceleration = 0).

Kinetic equilibrium, when a body moves in a straight line at a constant speed.

STRENGTH- It is the action of one body on another that changes or tends to change its movement or shape. A body can experience force even though it is not in motion due to the action of gravity. For example, when a person sitting, a flower on the ground.


"A body is in equilibrium when the resultant force acting on it is equal to zero"

S Fx = 0; S Fy = 0


FR = F1 + F2 + F3 + F4.....+ Fn


If the resultant of a system of vectors is null, the polygon that is formed will be closed.

F1 + F2 + F3 + F4 = 0

Note. Vectors (F) are represented with a bar above it. The normal letter indicates the module.


"Everybody tends to preserve its state of rest or uniform rectilinear motion, as long as the resulting force is zero."

The figure on the left shows a person and a horse at rest.

The figure on the right shows that the horse moves sharply to the left and the person moves backwards. In reality, the person does not go backwards but rather is left behind.

bodies in equilibrium homework help


Whenever a force appears there is an interaction of two bodies and the force is only one aspect of that interaction. It is observed that when a body exerts a force on another, the second tends to exert on the first a force that has the same module, and the opposite direction to the first.

The two forces that appear in every two-body interaction are called "action" and "reaction."

Types Of Equilibrium

Based on how the body behaves when it departs from its equilibrium position, we can distinguish three types:

Stable equilibrium: If we remove the body from its equilibrium position, it returns to its original position due to the appearance of a couple of forces.

Unstable balance: If we remove the body from its equilibrium position, a couple of forces appear that causes it to move further away from its equilibrium position.

Indifferent balance: If we change the position of the body, it will continue to be in balance since no moment is generated on it.

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