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The Important Concept Of Break-Even Analysis For Assignment Making

A break-even analysis tells you how much income you will need to cover your expenses before you can make a profit. To do this, you need to know what your costs and sales revenue are.

Fixed costs- The fixed costs (sometimes also called "overhead" ) do not vary much from month to month. They include rent, insurance, utilities, and other fixed expenses. Example: Maria recently opened a dressmaking workshop. She designs formal dresses and suits for women. Mary's fixed costs are $ 6,000 per month.

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Sales income- It is the total dollars for sales that enter your business each month or year. To conduct a valid break-even analysis, your projection should be based on how much business you expect to have, not how much you need to make a good profit. Example: Rita thinks she can sell 25 dresses a month. She charges $ 300 for each dress, so her monthly sales income is $ 7,500 (25 x $ 300 = $ 7,500).

Average gross profit for each sale- It is the money left over from every dollar of sale after paying the direct costs of a sale. Direct costs are what you pay to deliver your product or service. Example: Rita pays an average of $ 100 for supplies and materials to make the dresses that she sells for $ 300. Therefore, Mary's average gross profit is $ 200 for each dress sold ($ 300 - $ 100 = $ 200).

Average gross profit percentage- Tell how much of every dollar of sales income is gross profit. To calculate your average gross profit %, divide the average gross profit figure by the average sales price. Example: Rita has an average gross profit of $ 200 on the dresses that she sells for $ 300, so her gross profit % is 66.7% ($ 200 · $ 300 = 0.66666"¦ = 66.7%).

Ways to Represent the Balance Point In Break-Even Analysis

Algebraic- Both variable costs and fixed costs must include production, administration, sales, and financial costs. Currently, the latter is very significant given the rise in interest rates. The breakeven point is determined by dividing the total fixed costs by the contribution margin per unit. The contribution margin is the excess of income over variable costs; It is the part that contributes to cover fixed costs and provides a profit. In the case of breakeven, the company's total contribution margin equals the total fixed costs, there is no profit or loss.

Graph -This way of representing the cost-volume-profit relationship makes it possible to assess the impact that any movement or change in costs, sales volume, and prices have on profits. The breakeven point shows how the changes in income or costs due to different levels of sale affect the company, generating profits or losses. The horizontal axis represents sales in units, and the vertical axis represents the variable in pesos; income is shown by calculating different levels of sale. Uniting these points will obtain the line that represents income, the same happens with variable costs at different levels.

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Fixed costs are represented by a horizontal line within a relevant segment. Adding the line of variable costs with that of fixed costs gives the total costs, and the point where the latter intersects with the income line represents the equilibrium point. From said equilibrium point, the profit or loss generated can be measured, either as an increase or as a decrease in sales volume; the area to the left side of the breakeven point is a loss, and to the right side is profit.

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