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C ++, one of the most common object-oriented programming languages used everywhere in the world. Millions of people around the world use C ++ for both academic and practical applications. It is a C programming extension used to build C ++ and add classes to C. It is why C ++ was originally called "C with Classes". At Sample Assignment, our C++ homework helper provides all-inclusive C++ Homework Help to the students who wish to get A1 marks in homework assigned by professors. These experts are well versed in all the basic principles of C ++ programming. So if you need C++ programming homework help, experts can provide you with high-quality solutions before the deadlines. Our C ++ experts provide fast and affordable results when you ask for C Programming Assignment Help.

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Key Concepts Of C ++

At the end of the 60s, a programming language was created to be able to use it to develop compilers and operating systems, this programming language was called BCLP. Its creator was Martin Richards.

At the beginning of the 70s, Ken Tompson developed a language called B, with it the first versions of the UNIX operating system were developed.

Dennis Ritchie, in 1972, was based on these two languages, and they developed a new language called C. With him, the development of the UNIX operating system was concluded.

In the early 1980s, a new trend in programming appeared Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). This new way of developing programs allows, through concepts such as class, object, inheritance, and polymorphism, to create programs whose components are easy to maintain and reuse in other programs.

Bjarne Stroustrup, seeing that the C language could not support the requirements of object-oriented programming, decided to design, at the beginning of the 80s, a new language that, based on the C language, supports this new trend. He called it the C ++ language. Strictly speaking, the C ++ language is a superset of C.

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Features Of C++ Language

  • It is a General Purpose language, which means that it is not focused on solving problems in a particular area, but with it, programs can be developed in an infinity of areas.
  • It is a structured language. By having the core of C, it has very efficient instructions, which allow implementing sequential, conditional, and iterative structures.
  • It allows the development of object-oriented programs since it was created for that purpose, you can define "classes" and "objects" as well as implement "inheritance" and "polymorphism".
  • The language allows the reuse of code, building libraries, and templates of classes and functions to be used in any program.
  • It allows the overload of functions and operators.
  • Transportability: their standards established for language, allows code from source programs written in this language can be run on different operating systems and computers.

Introduction To The Language

/ * First program in C / C ++ * /



int main (void) {

    Printf ("First C / C ++ program \ n");

    return 0;


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A C++ program is made up of one or more blocks of instructions called functions. The execution of a program in C ++, as in C, is carried out through the function that receives the name of main.

The header of every C ++ function begins with the type of data it will return. In this case, the C++ standards indicate that the main function must return an integer value, hence the word int to the left of the word main. The return statement returns the result of the function. The returned value is sent, in this case, to the operating system that executes the program, if this value is zero it will indicate that the program was executed correctly. Another value would indicate an error in the execution.

The functions receive the information they require for their execution via the parameters. The word "void" in parentheses after main explicitly indicates that the main function will not receive information via parameters.

The first line of the program is a "Comment", it begins with the symbols / * and ends with the symbols * /.

The C++ compiler is relatively small, it has approximately 120 reserved words which include if, for, while, int, float, etc. Most of the predefined functions in C ++ do not belong to the core of the compiler but are included in a series of "function libraries" that group these functions by the work they do. A function library consists of two files, one that contains the headers or prototypes of the functions, which is a text file, and a file with the compiled code of each function. Examples of the header files are stdio.h, stdlib.h, alloc.h, string.h, etc. for the C language, or studio, cstdlib, cstring, iostream, iomanip, string, etc. for the C++ language. The C++ standard makes a difference between these files, those that are based on ANSI C will have an extension ".h", and those that extend to C++ do not have that ending.

The #include statement tells the compiler to include the contents of the studio header file in memory before starting the compilation process. In this file is the declaration, header or prototype of the printf function, used in the body of the main function.

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