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Key Concepts Of C# Sharp

C # (pronounced as C Sharp) is a programming language designed by the well-known company Microsoft. It was standardized some time ago by the ECMA and ISO, two of the most important organizations when creating standards for services or products. The C # programming language is object-oriented.

That this language has acquired the name of C Sharp is inspired by the sign #, this sign is pronounced as Sharp for musical notation. It's a play on words since "C #" musically means "C sharp", where the # sign indicates that a note is a semitone higher. We can translate all this as a metaphor about the superiority of C # over its predecessor, C ++ programming. Also the sharp symbol can allude to the union of four +, following the direction of progression of the C languages.

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Object-oriented programming is a branch of computer science that uses as its name indicates objects and their interactions to design applications and computer programs. It should be noted that an object in programming is an entity that combines state (it is the data of the object), behavior, or method (which defines what operations the object can do) and identity (it is the differentiating factor from the other objects).

C # is considered as the evolution and necessity of certain circumstances. Evolution due to its predecessor languages which are C and C ++ and necessity at the time when the company had problems with the company that created the Java language. It is because of the above that C Sharp presents the positive attributes of C ++, Java, and Visual Basic and improves them by providing a strong and updated language for the current times.

What Features Does The C # Programming Language Have?

Before mentioning the characteristics of C #, it should be noted that this tool was designed for use in .Net, this is a platform created by Microsoft, which aims for users to create applications with simplicity, that is, C # is a programming language created to design applications on the .Net platform that, although it is not the only programming language that accepts .Net to make applications, C # is the most recommended and easy to use.

Our C# homework helpers explain that emphasis is placed on the above because .Net is the platform for which C # was designed, the characteristics of the said platform will be characteristics of the programming language, therefore, these are some characteristics.

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Simplicity: Compared to its predecessor languages, C # eliminates certain unnecessary objects and attributes to make the programming action more intuitive.

Modernity: Although we have mentioned that its creation is also focused on solving current issues, the C # language also automatically and intuitively incorporates some objects that over the years have been necessary when programming.

Security: From instructions to carry out safe actions and a very strong mechanism for the security of objects.

Unified Type Systems: All the data obtained when programming the C # language is stored in a database so that it can be used later.

Extensibility: This feature is very positive because you can add basic data types, operators, and modifiers when programming.

Compatible: Both with its predecessors and with Java and many other programming languages, #C integrates all of these for the programmer's ease.

Versionable: It has the characteristic of having versions that are, constantly updating and improving.

What Can You Do With The C # Language?

Unity- It is a program to create video games, very popular lately for all the possibilities it has. Its fame is because its engine is multiplatform, so it allows video games to be exported to computers, mobile devices with Android or iOS, and the different video game consoles on the market. It is also possible to program in various languages, including C #, thanks to MonoDevelop.

Microsoft Visual Studio- It is a software development environment for Windows operating systems. This set of tools is used to build websites and applications, along with the generation of ASP.NET web applications, computer app, mobile app and XML Web Service.

With these characteristics and definitions, we hope that the importance of this programming language will be understood and also that it will encourage more information on this to be sought.

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