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CCA Homework Help To Get A++ Grades

Ordinary algebra is a subject almost everyone studies in high school. But if we talk about CCA (Core Connection Algebra), it is a five-year sequence of college preparatory mathematics courses that is quite difficult, and its level is also high. Many students who take a CCA course in college come to us for CCA homework help.

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As a reliable CCA homework helper, we help such students in every possible way and help them to get A++ grades in assignments. If it is your dream to get a reputed rank among fellow mates, then it is going to come true with Sample Assignment. All that you need to do is contact us and ask todo my CCA homework for me. Our premium homework help is just a click away.

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Key Concepts Of CCA (Core Connection Algebra)

The Core Connection is the first course in a five-year series of preparatory math courses from Algebra that begins with Algebra I and continues with arithmetic. It aims to deepen and broaden the understanding of students accumulated in previous courses by focusing on developing fluency in solving linear equations, inequalities and systems. These skills extend to solving quadratic equations, linear, quadratic, and exponential functions such as graphs, numeric, symbolic, and series, and analyzing the fit of the model to the data distribution using regression techniques. Let's expand to the concept of Algebra.

What Is Arithmetic Algebra?

The algebra generalizes to arithmetic in the following sense. Arithmetic studies numbers and their operations in particular, with concrete numbers! The algebra does the same but with numbers in general: the letters!

Thus, algebra is a branch of mathematics that deals with studying the general properties of arithmetic operations and numbers to generate procedures that can be globalized for all analogous cases.

This branch is characterized by making the unknowns implicit within the same operation: The Algebraic Equation.

Algebra had its first advances in the civilizations of Babylon and Egypt, between the fourth and third millennium BC. These civilizations used algebra primarily to solve equations of the first and second degrees.

Algebra continued its steady progress in ancient Greece. The Greeks used algebra to express equations and theorems, an example is a Pythagorean Theorem. The most outstanding mathematicians at this time were Archimedes, Heron, and Diaphanous. Archimedes drew on mathematics in his treatises on physics and geometry of space. Herron was another who was based on them to make some of his inventions, such as the first steam engine. Diaphanous was the Greek who contributed the most to this area of knowledge, as the main works we have are the Diophantine analysis and the work of the Arithmetic’s, which collects all the knowledge of algebra until then.

Algebraic Language

  • The language that we use in arithmetic operations involving only numbers is called number language.
  • The language that uses letters in combination with numbers and signs, and also treats them as numbers in operations and properties, is called algebraic language.
  • The part of mathematics that studies the relationship between numbers, letters, and signs is called Algebra.

The algebraic language was born in the Muslim civilization in the Al-Khwarizmi period, which is considered the father of algebra. The algebraic language consists mainly of the letters of the alphabet and some Greek words. The main function of algebraic language is to structure a language that helps to generalize the different operations that take place within arithmetic, for example: if we want to add any two numbers, just say a + b; where the letter a indicates that it is any number of the numbering that we know, b in the same way that a means any number of the numbering.

Characteristics Of The Core Connection Algebraic Expressions Language

According to our CCA homework experts, Algebraic language is more precise than numerical language: we can express sentences more concisely.

The set of multiples of 5 is 5* = {± 5, ± 10, ± 15…}.

In algebraic language, 5*n is expressed, with n being an integer.

The algebraic language allows expressing relations and numerical properties of a general nature.

The commutative property of the product is expressed a*b = b*a, where a and b are any two numbers.

With algebraic language, we express unknown numbers and perform arithmetic operations with them.

The double of a number is six is expressed 2*x = 6.

Also, algebraic language helps maintain general relationships for reasoning problems that any human being can face in everyday life.

cca homework help canada Core Connection Algebraic Expressions

An algebraic expression is a set of numbers and letters that are combined with the signs of arithmetic operations.

Algebraic expressions arise when translating imprecise ordinary language into precise mathematical language. As examples, we offer a list of sentences with mathematical content translated into algebraic language:

Teresa is x years old: x

Her daughter is 25 years younger than her: x -25

Her mother is twice her age: 2x

Her father is 6 years older than her mother: 2x + 6

Lorenzo is 5 years older than Teresa: x + 5

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