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Depending upon the right to take action and the nature of the rights protected, laws are divided into civil and criminal laws. The former deals with the personal rights of the citizens. Here the locus standi is of the person whose right is being infringed. Whereas in criminal law, the state is the protector of the rights and when an abhorrent act proscribed by the collective consciousness of the society is omitted, that shakes the foundation of mankind, the state becomes a party.

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Commercial encompass our civil rights elating to commerce. Earlier, all the rights and liability related to commercial transactions and relationships were governed by the traditional and usages of trade of a particular territory. But, after the passing of the unitary constitution in the year 1867, Canadian commercial law has come far. It largely derives from the commercial laws of the UK.

Many students seeking help with Commercial Law Assignment, are not able to understand the relationship between the common law and equity law relating to business laws. It is been observed that they struggle with the fundamentals of law.

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What Are Business Laws?

Fundamentals of business law revealed by the best Commercial Law Assignment helper!!

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I am assuming that after surfing the net you have made the right choice to come here and you are reading this in your study room, or community library, class, or bedroom. You are sitting there because you have the right to enjoy that place as you deem fit given you do not encroach upon the rights of the others. This applies to your property i.e. you study that your home. You are not an owner of the rest of the property like a library or class here.

You might be thinking that you go to a library, but you do not own it. How is that your property? You have the license to use that as per the guidelines of the university or school for a designated period.

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So, being dual, in the first case, your house made of bricks, stones, mortar, plastic, glass, etc. is the subject matter of the right of ownership that you hold. The library is also made up of the same matter, but you have only the right to enjoy it. So, from a jurisprudential point of view, you have two properties:

  • Right to ownership of the property i.e. your home and right to exclusively enjoy it.
  • Right to study in the library for a limited period.

You might have obtained a permit to build the house from regulators, local governments, or town planning authorities. The structure of the house would have been made by a registered architect which would have affected the shape, size, and the material to be used, structure of the driveway, staircases, fittings for electricity, lighting, doors and windows. After that, the state is entitled to impose fees and taxes on you for maintaining the sewerage and power.

You enter into various agreements with various governmental and non-governmental entities for the supply of water, electricity, and collection of waste. When these agreements are made according to the law, they become enforceable. It means that any party may move a court against the other for non-performance. This implies that these agreements are contracts that are regulated by various legislations or statutes passed by the Canadian legislature.

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What Is Commercial Law?

Business law or commercial law is a collective term for laws that mention the rights and corresponding duties and obligations of people party to a contract or partner in a business. They lay down the rules of conduct that ensure that the party in a fiduciary capacity may not exploit the other. it facilitates to outline the realm and scope of rights and duties between buyers and sellers, lenders and borrowers, producers and consumers, tenant and landlord, etc.

How Are Commercial Transaction Regulated?

All the businesses and commercial transactions are regulated by the law of contract, which explains when an agreement will be enforceable by law. It defines the relationship between those engaged in business-like enterprises, partnerships firms, Limited liability Partnerships, etc. their registration, names, finances, insurance, banking, etc.

Generally, violation of civil laws attracts a fine as punishment. But, with the advent of white-collar crimes, violation of a civil right may attract jail term. So, offenses related to negligence, which are a part of the law of tort could be applied in business laws to make a party liable.

What Are The Legislations Relating To Business Laws In Canada?

Here is a list of statutes about commercial laws in Canada:-

  • Agreement on Internal Trade Implementation Act
  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act
  • Boards of Trade Act
  • Canada Business Corporations Act
  • Canada Cooperatives Act
  • Canada Corporations Act.

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