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cultural assessment assignment help

Help with cultural assessment Writing Help has become quite normal. Students often look for help from online platforms to get their assignments done. Do My Assignment is one of the most asked requests from students. Before writing the assignment, let us discuss more cultural assessment.

Cultural assessment experts in Canada explain the Cultural Assessment

  • The process to help the organization differentiate between ideal culture and real culture is known as cultural assessment.
  • It analyses the expectations and experiences of an organization. It also includes the analysis of values and philosophy that guides the behavior of the members in an organization.
  • In simpler terms, cultural assessment is the study of the ways things are done in the organization.
  • It is important to conduct a cultural assessment and evaluate the organization.
  • Cultural assessment improves the identity of the organization, employee retention, and corporate image.
cultural assessment

Here are some ways of Cultural Assessment in an Organization

  1. Evaluate the onboarding process- One of the main aims of any organization is to increase the profit and growth of the company. It is only possible with good employees. The foremost way to examine the culture in the company is by looking at the onboarding process of the employees.
  2. Gauge openness within the leadership- One of the methods to assess the company culture is by examining the agility and flexibility of the leaders. Leaders are the most integral aspect in determining the culture of an organization.
  3. Look at incentives programs- Incentives motivate the employees. To know what is the culture in the organization, the managers should regularly look into the incentive programs. The aspect of company culture should be treated as more personal.
  4. Observe team interactions- The sustainable company culture is when there are strong relations between the humans of the organizations. The employees should be respectful to each other and function cohesively as a team. There should be a flow of unique perspectives and free flow of exchange of words. These things should be observed in an organization.
  5. Determine attitudes from answers- Answers from the employees give precise analysis about the culture in the organization. Don't ask questions directly, rather indulge in small talk and derive answers from it. Try to understand how the cultural climate is affecting the employees in the organization.

Understanding the quadrants of Cultural Assessment

There different dimensions of cultural assessment. Organizations with different cultures are part of respective quadrants. They can be studied in 4 quadrants. The four quadrants of cultural assessment are as follows:

  1. Collaborate- In this quadrant, there are people, processes, and purposes of an organization. The members of this quadrant are loyal and deliver interesting ideas for the organization. They focus on building the culture and commitment towards the organization.
  2. Create- This quadrant has creativity, innovation, and vision. The major aim of creating quadrant is to bring changes instantly and constantly. In this quadrant, innovation is very important. There are experiments in this quadrant.
  3. Control- In this quadrant, there are people and cultures on whom people can depend. They are more systematic, careful, and practical. They focus more on planning, efficiency, and processings including enforcing compliance. The organizations of this quadrant believe more in controlled decisions.
  4. Compete- The organizations with competitive culture are part of the compete quadrant. They are willing to achieve great heights. Market share, profits, revenues, brand equity, and speed of response are the driving factors for the organizations in the compete quadrant.
cultural assessment assignment help

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