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Eclectic is an adjective that qualifies a noun for being complex or intricate. Something is eclectic or esoteric if it is understood by a selected group of people. Here, the word is put before "essay" which means an essay that has an eclectic approach. If you have any issues in writing your essay, take eclectic essay help Canada from the experts.

Eclectic Essay Help Canada

If a real-life example is to be taken, then an abstract painting by Picasso or expressionist painting by Monet would seem perfectly fit example of esoteric artwork. An abstract or expressionist artwork would mean nothing more than a distorted image of normal things.

Eclecticism as an ideology traces back its existence and provenance to ancient Greece and Rome where philosophers did not identify themselves with any particular school of theosophical thought. They acquiesced to the doctrines that seemed reasonable on the personal scales of their prudence.

An eclectic essay is a subject matter of different disciplines like teaching and psychology and it would comprise of different things owing to the degree of complexity involved. For example, for a psychology student, an eclectic essay would be the approach where the therapist used more than one method for the treatment of his patient. In teaching, it would mean implementing and adopting myriad methods of imparting education to students.

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Eclecticism is the root cause of complexity here. But, it is a way to make things clear. Though understanding things through this process is quite adventurous and begrudgingly slow because the inspiration is taken from many sources.

The basic tenet of Eclecticism is the deviation from a rigid ideology and taking tits and bits from here and there to breathe life into a novel thought. It is quite refreshing and utilitarian at the same time. The advantage of this style is that it is not restrictive. It is ever-evolving and due to its dynamism and freedom, this approach is getting recognised in the modern world.

As an approach or theory, it is generally studied in the following disciplines:-

  • Architecture and art
  • Martial arts
  • Religion
  • Philology
  • Philosophy
  • Teaching
  • Psychology

Eclectic approach essay

In modern pedagogy, the eclectic approach of teaching is where a teacher incorporates and adopts diverse techniques and styles to make complex things easier for students to understand. For instance, a Shakespearean drama could be better understood if it is enacted.

Visual learning is the most impactful when it comes to memory. So, a lengthy and intricate thing such as a play could be conceptualised in a better way through proactive student participation rather than classical one-way lecture module. This is the eclectic approach of teaching that is provided in sample assignments for eclectic An Essay In Canada at our website.

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Eclecticism in Psychology

It is the approach of treating a patient with psychotherapy with more than one theoretical techniques and skillsets. W can say that it is hybrid of many practices of psychotherapy that are usually followed.

The advantage of this paradigm is that the doctor could customise the therapy of the patient according to its peculiar and special needs. The purpose here is to besmirch or corrupt any traditional practice but to devise new ways through which these old methods could be inter-mixed to create effective solutions.

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An assignment on eclecticism in psychology is made with a lot of attention and concentration. Even a small error in construing s theory could make all the research go in vain. So, for writing an eclectic essay in Psychology, it is advisable for students in the nascent stage of learning to take proper guidance. So, they can contact us for taking services for eclectic essay cheap and quick.

Eclecticism in Art

Art and architecture of a place is its cultural identity. Historically, the movement of people of different cultures from one place to another led to the fusion of two or more architectural styles. We can witness and prove this point by taking into consideration the sculptures of Buddha that were made during the reign of King Kanishka.

Statues of Lord Buddha made in his reign reflect the influence of the Greek style of sculpture-making because Buddha was personified here as having a sturdy and bulky body as against the earlier accounts that we see in Ajanta caves and other places.

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