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Need Moving Coil Galvanometer Theory Assignment Help? Check With The Physics Experts Online

galvanometer theory assignment help

Galvanometer Theory Assignment Help is one of the most common requests from the students. Well, why wouldnt it be? The study of physics is incomplete without understanding the magnetic field, and for knowing the theory of the magnetic field, DArsonval Galvanometer has its specific place.

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galvanometer theory assignment help

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What is Galvanometer and Its Working Principle?

A galvanometer is a measuring device or instrument that measures the current.

It works on the principle of torque. Whenever we place the current-carrying coil or conductor in the magnetic field, it experiences a magnetic force. The resultant motion helps us to measure the current.

use of galvanometer

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galvanometer theory assignment help

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1: What causes the deflection of a Galvanometer?

Answer:The galvanometer deflects whenever the south pole of the solenoid is brought towards the solenoid.

Question 2: How can we make a Galvanometer deflect in the opposite direction?

Answer:It is possible to deflect the galvanometer in the opposite direction by changing the direction of the current.

Question 3: What is the primary use of a Galvanometer?

Answer:A galvanometer is used to detect current in the bridge or potentiometer where they indicate zero current or null deflection.

Question 4: Is it possible to measure a voltage using a Galvanometer?

Answer: Wecan calculate the voltage manually if the resistance is known.

Question 5: Is there a positive or negative terminal in a Galvanometer?

Answer:No, there are no terminals in a galvanometer.

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