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Key Concepts Of Government

In the context of the modern State, Government refers to the set of bodies to which the exercise of political power is institutionally entrusted. Being a part of the State, it differs from state institutions that lead the political organization of society (political regime). According to our Government Homework experts, in that case, it has the task of manifesting the political orientation of the State, imposing rules of conduct, and making consensual decisions thanks to the fact that it monopolizes the use of legitimate force through the army, police, and prisons.

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It is for this reason that the Government tends to coincide, with the functions of the State, with the top bodies that operate the public administration and that manifest themselves in the Executive Power.

In the modern State, it is made up of the Head of State (Monarch or President of the Republic) and the Council of Ministers (Secretaries of State). In presidential systems, the hegemonic figure is the President, and in parliamentary systems the Prime Minister. From the sociological point of view, in democratic regimes, these officials are usually subordinate to the centers of power defined by the political parties or the coalition of parties from which they came to political power.

Distribute Or Concentrate Power Government

However, even recognizing that democracy in antiquity did not enjoy, in general terms, a good reputation for the aforementioned reasons, there were opinions in its favor, especially when it opposed the monarchy. These favorable opinions emphasized that it was preferable to the distribution rather than the concentration power. Since equality is the fundamental value of democracy, it was also, of course, preferable for power to be distributed among citizens rather than monopolized by an individual.

Democracy Government Without Elections Or Parties

It is curious, but what we now consider as the institutions of democracy, that is, elections and parties, at that time were classified as foreign to it. Rather, the elections were made to correspond to the aristocracy or the monarchy because that is how the best were chosen to a single leader (elective monarchy). This is one of the most interesting and controversial points of democracy as a form of government: in ancient times it was practiced in a large convention of citizens, without internal divisions and through a lottery to assign the majority of public offices, that is, without parties and votes; On the contrary, at present, it is carried out fundamentally in an assembly of representatives made up of political factions and which is accessed, like a good part of the public offices, through the vote.

Differences Between Republic And Democracy Government

Another precision that cannot be postponed is related to the very common correspondence that we make between the republic and democracy. So much so, that we often use them as synonyms, but we must emphasize that in their essence they are not corresponding terms or the same extension.

Let us place ourselves once more in antiquity. Well, at that time the concept "republic" was used to designate precisely the mixed government. Rome was particularly clear on this link. The history of the Roman Republic runs from the expulsion of the kings in 509 BC. To the rise of Augustus to the principality in 43a. During this period the Republic was perfected by including an increasingly wide number of social forces.

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The identification between mixed government and republic lasted a long time and even reached the beginning of the 16th century in the work of Nicolas Machiavelli (1469-1527) who, in his Discourses on the first decade of Tito Livio, he speaks at length of the example of political wisdom that the Romans bequeathed in designing a balanced and just system of government.

During that same time, the idea that democracy is a regime that is practiced in small communities runs parallel and, as we have insisted, without mediation, which for many of its critics was the cause of permanent disorganization. Thus, like forms of government, the opinions on one and the other were opposed: the republic offered the image of stability and harmony, while democracy showed the facet of instability and discord.

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