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Abb Jean-Hippolyte Michon of Paris invented the name "graphology" in 1897 by combining two Greek terms graph in, to write, and logos, knowledge. He was the founder of The Society of Graphology and the first to offer handwriting analysis scientific backing.

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This course is for anybody who is interested in learning more about their own and other people's personalities. Whether or not they are aware of it. You can utilise your Graphology abilities to uncover hidden aspects of your personality that have gone unnoticed, unaddressed, and are generating difficulties for others or yourself. You may utilise the handwriting skills you learn in this course to help others better their lives in a variety of ways.

Graphology can be utilised for entertainment or for business purposes. To profoundly read characters/mind-reading To impress; to surprise; to learn more about oneself; to discover who loves or dislikes you; friends; relatives; foes, and so forth. To assist those in need; to discover negative characteristics in individuals, such as potential workers.

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graphology assignment help

What are the Learning Outcomes of This Course?

Our Graphology assignment helpers in Canada say that the course has a lot to give you after completing it profoundly. This course seeks to distinguish between fact and fiction so that the student understands what a party trick is and what is true. By the end of the course, you'll know if you have a genuine interest in this fascinating and personally rewarding subject. To give you a clear picture of this, we have added here some learning outcomes of this course; take a look into it -

  • Understand the origins and history of graphology as a branch of psychology.
  • Understand the evolution of the alphabet and various writing systems in general.
  • Have a rudimentary understanding of graphology, including how it works and the physical and mental aspects of writing.
  • Understand the 40 elements of the R-S Psychogram as they apply to individual handwriting samples.
  • By actively examining examples, you've built abilities in analysing handwriting.

Important Tips to Improve Handwriting

The main mantra of enhancing and improving your handwriting is practice. Write as much as you can and see the amazing result. Moreover, here are some tips given by our graphology assignment help providers that can help you to make your handwriting more eye catching –

  • The importance of consistency cannot be overstated. Whatever handwriting style you choose, whether cursive or not, you'll want to pick a collection of letter styles that you enjoy writing and that look well together.
  • There appear to be an infinite number of brands and varieties of pens and writing implements available. It's up to you to figure out which pen style best suits your level of control, line thickness, pressure, and preference.
  • Plan on writing in cursive or print; without warming up, it might be difficult to produce attractive letters. A few basic workouts can help you develop characters who are clear and confident.
  • Write on Lined Paper or Use a Template.
graphology assignment help

What Topics Are Covered in This Course?

In order to give you a clear about the course outline, our Graphology assignment help providers have added here some of it. Take a look at some of the topics added here what you are going to learn during the course timeline -

  • Graphology is defined and given a brief history.
  • It's a psychological setting.
  • Graphology's applications
  • A broad history of the alphabet and writing systems.
  • Recognizing letters as symbols and connecting them to our worldview.
  • The importance of Copybook and Copperplate in the development of handwriting.
  • The physical mechanics of writing, as well as the expressive component of movement, all play a role in how and why handwriting deviates from the standard.
  • The usage of the Roman-Staempfli psychodrama as a data sheet and overview of the human mind.
  • The meanings of the forty components of psychodrama.
  • Parts of handwriting analysis.
graphology assignment help

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Frequently Asked Questions

Graphology, also known as graph analysis, is a method of attempting to discover a person's personality traits and features based on their handwriting.

The study of handwriting is known as forensic graphology. It has a distinct meaning and may be used for a variety of purposes in the classroom. Handwriting pattern/technology is used by forensic investigators to assess a person's personality qualities.

Yes, our assignment makers are native language experts and write your assignment according to the university language standard and guidelines.

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Yes, we have assisted thousands of students in the last ten years with top-quality work. We are helping our students to attain good grades.

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