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Health and Community Assignment Online Help

The concept of health and community is not old. Our ancestors and previous generations have been invested in providing facilities to health and community. For those to carry on the legacy, Sample Assignment is offering the students of leading universities Health and Community Assignment Online Help. Our Assignment Help service is designed to cater to all sectors of the health and community.

Health and Community Online Assignment Help

In Canada, community healthcare is a broad spectrum upon which bands such as residence health and public health are covered. A Health and Community Online Assignment Help like ours makes the assignments easier for students and gives them comprehensive learning of the subject.

What is Community?

Community is the basic unit of work in community health, so it is important to clarify what is understood by the community. Being a community set of people who have something in common that identifies and defines them, we will understand that, according to the meaning we give to the term community. It will be one or the other and will include one or the other subjects. Thus, the same person belongs to several communities, for example, according to their place of residence, profession, hobbies, etc.

The consideration that it is not easy to simplify the concept of the community since it implies thinking about homogeneity "the community" as a single entity that is given by the common characteristic of the subjects that make it up, but that at the same time, it can have varying degrees of heterogeneity precisely because of the characteristics that differentiate the individuals that comprise it.

World Health Organization Glossary of Health Promotion (WHO, 1998) defines community as a & specific group of people, who often live in a defined geographical area, share the same culture, values , and norms, and are organized in a social structure according to the type of relationships that the community has developed over time.

The members of a community acquire their personal and social identity by sharing beliefs, values , and norms that the community has developed in the past and that may be modified in the future. Its members are aware of their identity as a group and share common needs and a commitment to meeting ".

health and community online assignment help

Concept Of Health and Community

Our Health and Community Online Assignment Expert defines it as the collective expression of the health of individuals and groups in a defined community. It is determined by the interaction between the characteristics of individuals, families, the social, cultural, and environmental environment, as well as by health services and the influence of social, political, and global factors.

The concept implies that the health of the group is something more than the sum of the health of the people that compose it and that the community can be a generator of health and disease. But the concept of community health is also used to refer to the set of strategies, methods, and activities aimed at improving the health status of a defined population.

When we refer to community care, we understand that which aims to serve a defined community as a whole and which seeks to obtain certain health outcomes. Improving health implies many more actions than intervention on health problems; it is necessary to act on the determining factors of health and disease and to identify the health needs of the population receiving care and the factors that determine them.

The vast majority of health problems have a multi-causal origin. One of the essential characteristics of community care is the necessary multi-sectorial intervention, and not only from the health services.

Health and Community Online Assignment Help

Relation Of Community Health With Primary Care And Public Health

Primary care and public health have a common field, that of community health, in which they can and should add responsibilities, skills, and competencies, together with other actors related to community health and with the organized community itself.

It is necessary to move towards an explicit offer of community interventions that depend especially on population needs, and that will very often be in the area of the population's health determinants and the reduction of health inequalities. They must not be the object of actions dependent on well-intentioned professional wills. In this case, we will be generating iniquities.

For this, the intervention for the improvement of community health must be included in health policies, in training, in contracts with service providers, in systems for defining service portfolios, in the organization of services (objectives, resources, etc.), and inter-sectorial action.

The training of professionals (medicine, nursing, and social work) in primary care must include knowledge and skills in the appreciation of health needs and in planning community programs, while those of public health need to know the component of care/health care of individuals.

Health and Community Online Assignment Sample

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health and community online assignment

health and community online

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