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The study of behavior and the human mind often includes research methods that later employs as an individual theory while examining crime as a phenomenon. Understanding the social behavior and cognitive processes of a mind while performing a certain task at the crime scene is crucial. Now when it comes to paying heed on individual behavior in criminology, the students, who have just been introduced to the subject, could feel off track which leads them to seek Individualist theory Homework Help from others.

Individualist Theory Homework Help

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What is individualism in Criminology?

As the name itself suggests, individualism in criminology or at any other field related to the logic and reasoning of an individual personality towards a specific phenomenon. For instance, if I have to apply individualism in psychology, I will give priority to my thoughts and what I collectively think of a mind I am studying.

To understand the origin of theories in criminology, we should go a little back in time where all this started. So, the thought about crime and criminal justice emerged during the late 18th century with the work of an Italian named Cesare Beccaria and an Englishman named Jeremy Bentham.

They introduced the world of law with the classical school of a theory which generally led to two contrasting models of the criminal justice system. One was a crime control model which was more traditional, while the other one was the due process model which was more focused on liberal theory.

What are the four basic theories of Crime?

There are four basic theories of crime. Knowing and understanding each one is imperative for one to succeed in any legal profession or an academic career. At least the students who are seeking Individualist theory Homework Help must know what these basic elements of criminology are.

  • Classical- This theory of crime states that a crime is an individual task caused by the free will which is considered as an immoral form of human behavior.
  • Biological- This theory believes that the criminal mind is basic determinants of human behavior which is limited by genetics and usually passed from one generation to another as a heritage.
  • Sociological- The third theory in the list is sociological which implies whatever crime is taking place in the world is because of the social environment we, as a human, have created.
  • Interactionist- This is the last individual theory of criminology which asserts that association with other criminals is one of the most contributing factors of rising criminal activities in the world.
Individualist Theory Homework Help

The fundamental view of human nature concerning individualistic crime theory is giving the scope of opportunity and responsibility for their behavior. In this regard, we can say that individualistic theories are much more closely aligned with the classical school of criminology as opposed to its determinist or positivist perspectives.

Operating based on principles of a shared belief in social norms and established value systems, individual theory in criminology could be viewed as a crime and predictable behaviors of humans which can be explained by the process of obeying rules and interacting with other individuals.

The individualistic theory is, in reality, an application of explaining congruity to a societys population, and illustrating that an absence of close observance of a critical mind with conventional figures and influences can uncover others of their criminal constraints and moral obligations which could eventually be encouraging. This would be prompting them to engage in criminal behavior.

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Criminology deals with environmental, social, psychological, and economical elements prevalent in our world at present. Individual perceptions of the theories deal with various concepts of crime. Studying all these aspects to make a criminology assignment is a very difficult task and students sometimes feel encumbered with so many activities.

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