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History Of The Latin Language Explained By Latin Homework Helper

Key Concepts Of Latin, Indo-European Language

Latin is a language of the "linguistic family" known by the name of Indo-European.

By linguistic family is understood the set of languages that present common basic features in the different levels or "systems" of language: phonological, lexical, morphological, and syntactic. These coincidences attest to a common origin, in a remote time, and a limited area, from which expansion and subsequent fragmentation will take place.

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Latin and most of the languages spoken in Europe, both in the past and in the present, belong to the Indo-European family. As well as some from South Asia that extends through the area that goes from present-day Turkey to India. Finnish, Hungarian and Basque is accepted on our continent.

The origin of this “family” dates back more than five thousand years and is located, according to the most accepted theory, in an area north of the Black Sea, between the mouth of the Danube and the Ural Mountains.

#First Generation Of Indo-European Languages

During the second millennium before the birth of Christ, what we could call the “first generation” of Indo-European languages appears already differentiated for the most part, and the peoples who spoke them are located, or about to be situated, in their historical territories. Some peoples did it earlier, such as the Hittites of the Anatolian Peninsula (modern Turkey) or the Achaeans, who in the middle of the millennium led the Minoan civilization on the island of Crete and the Mycenaean civilization on mainland Greece (the Peloponnese). Other peoples did so at a later date such as the bearers of the Latin language, whose entry into the Italian Peninsula is supposed not much earlier than the year 1000 BC. C., coinciding more or less with the invasion of the Dorian in Greece.

Some of these resulting languages present a greater number of affinities with each other, which suggests that in an intermediate period the respective peoples occupied the same territory or neighboring territories, and developed a similar way of speaking. Hence, different “groups” of Indo-European languages are distinguished, such as the languages attested in the central fringe of Italy -Latin, Oscan, and Umbrian- or those attested in Asia -the so-called Indo-Iranian group- or the different ancient Germanic languages or Slavic.

#Second Generation Of Indo-European Languages

By this time in historical eras, the majority of Indo-European languages sustained to evolve slowly but unstoppably, changing and crumbling, giving rise to the different modern Indo-European languages, which constitute the “2nd generation” of the Indo-European family. There were, however, some that did not leave "descendants", being replaced by other dominant languages and then elapsed.

In some cases, the language that gave rise to these modern languages is well known, as their literature is preserved (the case of ancient Indian, ancient Persian, Greek, and Latin). In other cases, such as that of the Germanic or Slavic languages, no written record of the common primitive "mother" language is preserved.

#Lexical Relationship Of Indo-European Languages

In conclusion, our "European linguistic community" has already between three thousand and four thousand years of history; and their common origin, two thousand years more. The link that unites the Romance languages of Spain - Castilian, Catalan, and Galician - among themselves and with the rest of this old and great community is Latin.

To appreciate the kinship ties that unite the languages derived from Latin, it is enough to do a sample with words of different kinds -nouns, verbs, pronouns, prepositions, etc.- and compare the results in Spanish or French, together with the Latin form from which they come, with those of two languages of another Indo-European “group”, such as English or German.

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Survival Of Latin Language

Throughout the middle ages, Latin continued to be the language of expression of culture and reached an extraordinary revitalization in the Renaissance (humanists such as Erasmus or Luis Vives were consummate Latinists). As a language of cultured and scientific expression, its use was maintained until the 18th century (Descartes, Leibniz, Newton, and Linnaeus). Being an official language of the Catholic Church, it has remained in the liturgy and its documents (in the papal encyclicals, for example) until today.

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