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Association is the key to enhance the functioning of both biotic and abiotic components in the environment. It assists in increasing the productive cooperation between several components of the environment. Lichens are one such form of key association within two components, including fungi and algae. Mostly, students look for lichenology homework help due to poor understanding of concepts; they want the assistance of the best expert to improve their grades.

Students who are on this quest for lichenology homework help online on the web due to tricky lichenology assignments face a lot of issues with the understanding of phycology and mycology concepts.

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Where To Find Lichen?

You can find lichens in many places- with light colours collecting up on twigs, rocks, and so forth including, exhibit soil surfaces. Various kinds of lichens have adapted to exist in a few of the most extreme surroundings: rocky coasts, beyond arctic tundra, and many more.

They are non-parasite and not harmful to plants. They are beneficial to wildlife, providing essential nesting material for birds and shelters and food for invertebrates. Lichen size and colour vary from small or big to dark and bright. Our lichenology homework help online mentioned the few types and structures of lichen:

  • Leafy pads
  • Crusty spots
  • Bushy beards
  • Small standing branches

What Is The Relationship Between Ancient Woods and Lichens?

An ancient woodland island that has constantly been forested for a longer time. Ancient woods play a crucial role in the lives of lichens as they provide a peaceful environment where lichens can grow. Lichens take a long period to grow, i.e., 1-2mm a year.

Few species need alkaline conditions and develop on an ancient bark. The bark can share the same features with alkaline within a period, so species like ash - which have high pH of bark- are a shelter to many species. For more information, you can contact our academic writing help.

What Are The Seven Forms of Lichens?

lichenology homework help canada
  • Ramalina fastigiata: This genus is referred to as cartilage lichens because of extended branches. It is a tightly tufted lichen with enlarged branched lobes.
  • Xanthoria parietina: It is a coloured lichen that is known as the yellow lichen and is found in several colours such as yellow, orange or greyish green.
  • Ramalina farinacea: It can easily survive in shady or sunny areas. The colour of this strap-like species varies from yellowish to greyish-green.
  • Usnea subfloridana: Do you know? It is known for its name, “old man’s beard’. It comes in the category of bushy lichen with the colour varies from yellowish-green to greyish green, including the base colour as black. Furthermore, if you want a detailed session on the characteristics of usnea subfloridana, then our lichenology homework help Canada can assist you with an expert to illustrate it.
  • Hypogymnia physodes: It depicts a grey-green gathering of swollen lobes. Following the characteristics of other species, it is sensitive to nitrogen pollution.
  • Candelariella reflexa: The colour of it varies from bright yellow to yellowish-green granules, and in the context of appearance, it looks soft.
  • Physcia adscendens: It is one of the common species which is more forbearing of nitrogen pollution and can be seen on the branches of several plants.

How Lichens Use In Conventional Medicine?

Lichens are employed in conventional medicines by civilisations across the world, especially in arctic and temperate regions. We knew about all the conventional uses because of the knowledge shared by reputed names in traditional medicine. Our lichenology homework help provider listed down the few uses:

  • Skin disorders
  • Digestive and respiratory problems
  • Gynaecological and obstetric concerns
  • Treating injuries

The procedure followed by Europeans to employ lichens in various activities has been worldwide famous and influenced the others too. In the fifteenth and sixteenth century, the Europeans started using it by getting inspired by the interpretations of Ancient Greeks.

Our experts at assignment service in Canada can provide you with the history of ancient Greeks and their lichens used in their online session in detail.

A Sample Question Provided To Our Lichenology Homework Helper

Given below is the question provided by one of our students to experts. The following assessment is assigned to assess the conceptual understanding of the student. Here is the brief of the question.

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How Can You Identify Lichen?

Identifying lichens is more complex compared to vascular plants. The lich thallus is a whole microscopic world with unique features. Our experts listed down the few steps to identify it:

  • Use of common household chemicals (iodine and bleach)
  • Use a botanical identification tool and hand lens to find out the genus of lichen.
Lichenology homework help Canada

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