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marketing management homework help

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Marketing management is a vast and important subject. Let's have a look at its concepts with the expert of the best Marketing Management Assignment Help Canada.

Understanding Marketing Management with Marketing Management Assignment expert

marketing management

  • All the managerial functions in the field of marketing are looked after by marketing management.
  • It is a practical application of marketing orientation, techniques, and methods for any organization.
  • It explores marketing opportunities and makes strategies according to it to maximize the profit.
  • Marketing management makes decisions, plans, and controls the marketing aspects of a company.
  • Marketing management involves:
  1. Setting marketing goals and objectives.
  2. Development of a market plan.
  3. Organization of the market function.
  4. Implementing the marketing plan.
  5. Controlling the marketing program.

Features of Marketing Management

  1. Managerial process- It is a process that includes the management of the organization. Marketing management involves planning, organizing, decision making, forecasting, directing, coordinating, and controlling. It determines the needs of the customers.
  2. Consumer-centric- Marketing revolves around the customers. The customer is the king in the market. The market produces what the customer wants. The satisfaction of customers is most important for any business. Marketing management is customer-centric.
  3. Research analysis- What the customers want is identified by research analysis. There are various methods to collect information and analyze it. Research analyses help the markets to plan for future actions.
  4. Planning and development- Marketing management plans and develops strategies to maximize profits and help the company to grow. The goods and services are developed as per the demand of the market.
  5. Building a marketing framework- Marketing is not just selling the product. It involves other aspects like the development of the product, promotion of the product, after-sale services, etc.
  6. Organizational objectives- Marketing management helps in achieving organizational objectives. The gap between organizations' objective and satisfaction of the customer is bridged by the marketer.
  7. Promotional and communication process- Marketing management promotes the product and communicates with the customers. It helps the customers to know about the product.
marketing management homework help

Importance of Marketing Management

  1. Analyzing market opportunities- It is very important to know what the market has to offer. There are many opportunities in the market. Marketing management helps to know the opportunities in the market.
  2. Determining the target market- Not all people are willing to buy the same product. They have different preferences. According to these preferences, target populations are selected. The target population is selected with the help of marketing management.
  3. Planning and decision making- The organization needs to make wise and effective decisions. Marketing management helps in making the right decisions and plans that are good for the organization.
  4. Increasing profit- One of the prime objectives of any organization is increasing profits. Marketing management helps in increasing the profits but understanding the needs of the market.
  5. Creation of customer- Marketers not only promote products but also make sure to convince the customer to buy the product. The future of the product is determined by the customer. It is very important to create customers. Marketing management helps in the creation of new customers.

Marketing management is a vast concept. For students pursuing careers in the field of marketing, it is very important to understand its every detail.

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marketing management homework sample online

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