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Are you fighting a crusade against a large number of assignments that are due for an approaching submission deadline? Is Medieval History one of them? Are you feeling lost between all those dates and all those events that happened about five centuries ago? It’s alright, we understand. And this is why we are here to your rescue!

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Medieval History Homework Help

An Essence of Medieval History Explained by Medieval History Homework Help Provider

The word medieval has etymological references that translate to “middle.” This is why this period from the 5th to the 15th century is referred to as the Middle Ages. During this time, a lot of events occurred that made their permanent place in today’s history lessons.

Most renowned philosophers and artists expressed dismissively about the middle ages as being a dark period that marked wars and barbarism and the end of entire empires and dynasties. And how more destruction was done than the good that came out of it or any advancements as a society. However, most of what happened during this period culminated in a transformational and renaissance era of art and philosophy.

So, it’s a long period that had many milestone events across different cultures, societies, and countries. From the catholic church to the rise of Islam to power, to the crusades, from the medieval history of Europe to that of India, some events happened that got etched in the history books that are being learned even today.

Some Important Milestone Events

Catholic Church After the Fall of the Roman Empire

After the fall of the Roman Empire, everything for the common people started going downhill as well. The Catholic Church rose to power of the highest stature. A tax system was implied for the common public wherein they had to share a percentage of their income with the church, while the Church was exempted from the taxation policies. This was the highlight of this era. This is how the Catholic Church amassed lots of wealth and eventually power, for itself and the common people just became more powerless and despondent apparently.

Rise of Islamic Culture and Religion

After the demise of the founder of Islam, Muslims conquered lands of the Middle East. It is said that at the peak of the Islamic culture, it was double or triple the influence of Christianity at that time. Under Islamic reign, arts were given high value, and a lot of poetry, philosophy, music, writing, and arts developed during this period. Holy scriptures like the Quran were interpreted and taught to people widely. A lot of knowledge was imparted, and important inventions were made, like the pinhole camera. The numeric system used today also dates back to this era in medieval history.


After the rise and flourishing of Islam, the catholic church in the 11th century started sanctioning military activities against the Muslim “infidels.” These fights were termed as Crusades, and they began somewhere around 1095. The crusaders believed that they were doing this out of righteousness and would be rewarded as a place in the heavenly abode of God for rightfully expelling the Muslims. A powerful group of knights called the Knights Templar was popular for crusading and received major support from the then pope. The Knights Templar was formed in the year 1118 and was finally dissolved about two centuries later, in 1312.

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