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Microbiology Assignment Help

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Uncover Microbiology with Microbiology Assignment Expert

The study of microorganisms, that might be unicellular or multicellular or acellular is known as microbiology.

  • Unicellular organisms have a single cell. For example, Escherichia coli, diatoms, protozoa, etc.
  • Multicellular organisms have multiple cells. For example, animals, plants, etc.
  • Acellular organisms have no cells.
  • There are several branches in microbiology such as virology, bacteriology, immunology, etc.
  • Culture, staining, and microscopy were some techniques used by microbiologists traditionally.
  • Centuries before their discovery, the existence of microorganisms was hypothesized.
  • The history of microbiology goes to as early as the 6th century BCE. Different religions at different times talked about microorganisms.

Applications of Microbiology

  • Microbiology is a widely applied branch of science and medicine. It is used in various fields. It helps us to understand the microorganisms and their structure in detail.
  • Microbiology studies the microorganisms that help in food fermentation. There are several food items prepared by microorganisms such as mushrooms.
  • Microorganisms prevent many diseases and some of the agents of diseases.
  • Microbiology uses different methods to preserve food items.
  • Microorganisms are even used in agricultural activities.
microbiology assignment help

Branches of Microbiology explained by Microbiology Homework Help experts

Bacteriology- The branch of biology that studies bacteria and its other aspects such as ecology, genetics, biochemistry, and morphology is known as bacteriology. It also involves identification, classification, and characterization of bacterial species. Though microbiology and bacteriology were used interchangeably buy bacteriology is classified as a distinct science. Bacteriology sometimes also studies protozoa, fungi, and viruses.

Mycology- The field that studies the fungi, its genetics, and biochemical properties are known as mycology. Mycologists are the biologists researching in mycology. Mycology studies how these fungi can be used by humans and what are its other uses. It is also a branch of phytopathology, that studies the plant diseases.

Microbiology Assignment Help

Protozoology- Protozoa is an animal-like protist. The study of these protozoa is known as protozoology.

Immunology- The study of the immune system is known as immunology. It is a branch of microbiology as it studies the microorganisms that affect the immune system. There are charts, measures, and investigations on the working of the immune system. There are several disorders in immunology such as immune deficiency, autoimmune diseases, transplant rejection, etc.

Virology- Virology refers to the study of viruses. Virology studies the structure, classification, and evolution of the viruses. There are different types of viruses. Viruses use different methods to infect and exploit the host cells.

Parasitology- The branch of microbiology that studies parasites is known as parasitology. Parasitology studies the relationship between the parasite and the host body. It is applicable in various fields.

Phycology- Algae is another form of microorganism. The study of algae is known as phycology. Psychologists are the biologists studying psychology. They try to understand the freshwater or ocean algae. They study different types of algae.

These are some of the studied branches of microbiology. There are various other branches too.

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microbiology assignment help online

microbiology assignment experts

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