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Multiculturalism In Canada Essay Written By Experts

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Multiculturalism In Canada Essay

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What Is Multiculturalism?

Multiculturalism as a social, philosophical, and political phenomenon:

1) Can designate a reality, diversity of fact existing in a country, city, neighbourhood, and locality.

2) It can designate a policy, government actions to favour the accommodation of ethnic, cultural, and religious minorities, in a society

3) It can be an ideal, a solution that addresses the problem of diversity to obtain harmonious social relations in a society with a migrant population.

Authors emphasize that multiculturalism represents a break with traditional liberal political thought, although it draws on its tradition in terms of the rights of humans. It is about the recognition of the collective rights of ethnic, religious, linguistics, among others, that from its horizon respects cultural diversity based on difference, tolerance, and the exercise of democracy as an inclusive political system. For related topics, you can contact our diversity introduction essay experts.

multiculturalism in canada essay

What Is Multiculturalism In Canada Like?

Canada made a pioneering decision in the world back in 1971: the adoption of multiculturalism as a state policy. More than 45 years later, cultural diversity is one of the hallmarks of the North American country.

On October 8 of that year, Pierre Trudeau, Prime Minister, announced in Parliament the implementation of this new political framework.

In 1973, Ottawa created the Ministry of Multiculturalism, and in 1988, this idea became a basic principle of the State through the Multiculturalism Act, which calls for interpreting the Canadian constitution from that theoretical framework and actively promoting it.

Unlike states with multicultural or multinational policies, which try to articulate the different original cultures of the country, such as Bolivia, whose official name is the Plurinational State of Bolivia, Canadian multiculturalism has focused on its origins on the integration of cultures brought by the immigrants arrived in the country.

Multiculturalism In Canada Essay

Canadian multiculturalism has come under severe criticism. Probably the most important is the one that alleges that multiculturalism implies unlimited respect for diversity, the most absolute cultural and social relativism. Many critics have referred to multiculturalism in these terms, as a philosophy that postulates the recognition of anything that belongs to a certain culture or religion. In its most extreme version, this criticism alleges that multiculturalism, for example, protects genital mutilation in women, polygamy, or arranged marriages.

The mechanical link, which many make, between multiculturalism and cultural relativism, is wrong. Multiculturalism has two aspects: on the one hand, the acceptance and respect of diversity; but on the other, and this is also essential, the acceptance of common values, values to which diversity is subject. Equality of people (of sexes, of races), democracy, the rule of law, human rights, are some of these values, with which practices such as genital mutilation of women, polygamy, are incompatible or domestic violence.

And in Canada, there is firm action in this field. Precisely because of its great diversity, because many immigrants come from societies in which practices that go against human rights are accepted, the Canadian system (police, judicial) is implacable in this regard. Immigrants who come to Canada are taught from the first moment those two basic principles of multiculturalism: diversity but always subject to respect for the democratic values of society. As it is a vast topic you can take Custom Essay Help to ease your academic stress.

Within The Cultural Rights Demanded By Minorities Our Multiculturalism In Canada Essay Expert Find The Following:

  • Exemptions to laws that penalize or hinder their cultural practices
  • Financial assistance for the implementation of programs that help to preserve the cultural identity of the groups
  • Self-government within the territory they inhabit
  • Restriction of certain freedoms to non-members of the community
  • Respect for the internal rules that regulate the conduct of group members
  • Recognition of minority legal practices in the majority legal system
  • Adequate representation in the legislative bodies of the State
  • Symbolic demands related to their cultural practices

The search for the right of self-determination is crucial for minority groups, but for the state it can represent fragmentation or even secession. This is a critique of multicultural currents. Another is the foundation in tradition and custom, which prevents the free decision-making of individuals in public work.

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