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Know Music Theory with Music Theory Assignment Help Canada

  • The wider term that studies music is musicology, whereas music theory is a sub-topic under musicology.
  • Studying the practices and possibilities of music is known as music theory. Music theory is for the students who want to study music in depth. Some universities offer post-graduate and doctorate degrees in music.
  • There can be three interrelated uses of the term music theory. These terms have different explanations.
    1. Rudiments explain the music notations such as key signatures, time signatures, and rhythmic notations.
    2. The views of learning scholars on music from ancient times to the present.
    3. Defining the general principles and processes in music.
  • Music theory explains how musicians and composers make music.
  • Developing a piece of music is not at all an easy task. There are lots of tuning, notations, instruments understanding, pitches, rhythm, etc that together make a piece of music.
theory notes in music

Fundamentals Of Music

  1. Pitch- The lowness or highness of a tone is known as pitch. The measurement of the frequency of sound waves producing the pitch can be done precisely. What is the more complex part is, is the perception of pitch. According to the theorists, the pitch is described as a subjective sensation.
  2. Scales And Modes- There are different scales and modes to arrange the notes. The chromatic scale is a series of twelve tones. It is generally used in western music theory. The scales are created by arranging the patterns of semitones and whole tones.
  3. Consonance And Dissonance- The sonority has subjective qualities. They vary from different cultures and over the ages. These subjective qualities are known as consonance and dissonance. The quality of interval in music is known as consonance. Dissonance wishes to resolve the consonant interval.
  4. Rhythm- The sequential arrangements of sounds and silences in time produce rhythm. Measure or bars are the meter measures done in music in regular pulse groups. The number of beats in a measure is specified by time signatures.
  5. Melody- The series of tones is known as melody. It is perceived as an entity. Melody is a prominent aspect of music.
  6. music theory homework help Canada
  7. Chord- A combination of three or more notes is known as a chord. The notes may or may not be played together bur are heard as if sounding simultaneous. Morden western music uses chords a lot.
  8. Harmony- the use of pitches, chords, tones, and notes simultaneously is known as harmony. The construction of chords and chord progressions are studied in harmony. It is also referred to as the vertical aspect of music.
  9. Timbre- The principle phenomenon that helps in distinguishing the instruments, when played at the same time, is known as timbre. It is also known as color or tone color. It can be distinguished if the pitch and volume are the same. The quality of the instrument can be described as bright, dull shrill, etc.
  10. Texture- The process to combine the melody, rhythm and harmony is composition is known as the texture in music. It is defined based on density and range between highest and lowest pitches. If there are many layers of instruments, it is a thick texture.
  11. Form And Structure- The overall structure or plan of music is known as form. It also describes the layout of a composition as divided into sections.
  12. Expression- the art of playing or singing music is known as expression. It is done with emotional communication. The elements of music with expressions are piano, phrasing, etc.
  13. Notation- When the music is presented in written form with symbols it is known as notation.

Here’s an example of the questions that are asked in the music theory assignment.

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