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Ohm's Law Assignment Help

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ohm's law assignment help

Statement of Ohm's law

Ohm's law is the relationship between electrical conductors and their resistance, which states that the current through the conductors is proportional to the voltage applied to them.

The German physicist Georg Simon Ohm (1787-1854) was the first to demonstrate this relationship experimentally.

Ohm discovered at the beginning of the 19th century that the current through metal was directly proportional to the voltage or difference in electrical potential across the metal. Ohm's discovery led to the idea of resistance in circuits.

Ohm's law expressed as an equation is V = RI, where V is the electric potential in volts, I is the current in amperes, and R is the resistance in ohms.

Ohm's triangle, where the relationships between voltage, current, and resistance are observed.

The Key Concepts of Ohm's law Explained By Our Ohm's law Assignment Experts

#Load- The source of all electrical charges resides in the atomic structure. A load of an electron is the basic unit of charge. The measure for the charge is the coulomb (C) in honor of the French physicist Charles Augustin de Coulomb. The charge of an electron is 1.60 *10-19 C. This means that the charge of 1 C is equal to the charge of 6.25x10 18 electrons.

# Conductors - Those substances through which charges move freely are called conductors. Metals are excellent conductors due to the displacement or movement of their electrons in their atomic crystalline structure.

For example, copper, which is usually used in cables and other electrical devices, comprises 11 valence electrons. Its crystalline structure consists of twelve copper atoms joined through their dislodged electrons. These electrons can be considered as a sea of electrons with the ability to migrate through the metal.

#Ohmic Conductors -Ohmic Conductors are those that comply with Ohm's law, that is, the resistance is constant at constant temperature and does not depend on the applied potential difference. Example: Metallic Conductors.

#Non-Ohmic conductors- They are those conductors that do not follow Ohm's law, that is, the resistance varies depending on the applied potential difference.

# Insulators- Instead, those substances that resist the movement of the charge are called insulators. Valence electrons in insulators, such as water and wood, are heavily restricted and cannot move freely through the substance. Electric cables are a good example of a conductor and an insulator: the metal inside conducts electricity while the plastic covering is insulating.

Ohm's Law Assignment Help

#Stream- Electric current is the flow of charge through a conductor per unit of time. Electric current is measured in amps (A). One ampere equals the flow of 1 coulomb per second, that is, 1A = 1C / s.

# Voltage- The electrical current that flows through a conductor depends on the electrical potential or voltage and the resistance of the conductor to the flow of charge.

Electric current is comparable to the flow of water. The variance in water pressure in a hose consents water to flow from high to low pressure. The difference in electrical potential measured in volts allows the flow of electrical charges through a wire from a high potential area to a low potential area. The water pressure is sustained by a pump, and the potential difference for the charge is retained by a battery.

# Electric resistance- Electrical resistance is the difficulty with which electrical charges flow through a conductor. Using the analogy of water, electrical resistance can be compared to the friction of the flow of water through a tube. A smooth, polished tube offers little resistance to the passage of water, while a rough, debris-filled tube will cause the water to move more slowly.

Electrical resistance is related to the interaction of conducting electrons as they move from atom to atom through the conductor. Resistance is measured in ohms or ohms and is represented by the Greek letter omega.

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