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Production is the creation of goods and services. Operations management (AO) is the set of activities that create value in the form of goods and services by transforming inputs into finished products. The activities that make goods and services are carried out in all organizations. In manufacturing companies, the production activities that create goods are usually obvious to a certain extent. Our Operations Assignment Help takes care of all the helpful information needed in assignments. With our Operations Assignment Help services, we take care of standard university guidelines while writing your operation management assignment. Besides that, we also offer quality rich business management Assignment Help by taking the minimum time.

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Important Topics In Operation Management Decision Areas

Operation management has responsibility for five important decision areas: process, capacity, inventory, workforce, and quality.

Process- Decisions in this category determine the physical process or facility that is used to produce the product or service. Decisions include the type of equipment and technology, the process flow, the plant layout as well as all other aspects of the physical facilities or services. Many of these process decisions are long-term and cannot be easily reversed, particularly when heavy capital investment is required. Therefore, the physical process must be designed around the long-term strategic posture of the company.

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Capacity- Capacity decisions are aimed at supplying the right amount of capacity, in the right place, at the right time. Long-term capacity is determined by the size of the physical facilities that are built. In the short term, capacity can sometimes be increased through subcontracts, additional shifts, or leasing of space. However, capacity planning determines not only the size of the facilities but also the appropriate number of people in the operations function. Staffing levels are adjusted to meet the needs of market demand and the desire to maintain a stable workforce. In the short term, available capacity must be allocated to specific tasks and operations positions through scheduling of people, equipment, and facilities.

Inventories- Operations inventory decisions determine what to order, how much to order, and when to order. Inventory control systems are used to manage materials from purchase, through inventories of raw material, work in progress, and finished product. Inventory managers decide how much to spend on inventory, where to put materials, and numerous other decisions related to the above. They manage the flow of materials within the company.

Workforce- People management is the most important decision area in operations because nothing is done without the people who make the product or provide the service. Decisions about the workforce include selection, hiring, firing, training, supervision, and compensation. These decisions are made by a line of operations managers, often with the assistance or in conjunction with human resources management. Managing the workforce productively and humanely is a key task for today's operations function.

Quality- The operations function is almost always responsible for the quality of the goods and services produced. Quality is an important operations responsibility that requires the full support of the organization. Quality decisions must ensure that quality is maintained in the product at all stages of operations: standards must be established, equipment designed, people trained, and the product or service inspected to obtain a quality result.

Careful attention to these five decision-making areas is key to managing successful operations.

Modern operations management works on three fundamental aspects that are:

  • Total quality is understood as compliance with the specifications generated in response to the requirements of customers and consumers.
  • Scientific management involves making decisions based on facts, which includes knowledge of variations, a process-center approach, and a systemic analysis.
  • Teamwork that integrates both suppliers and customers into its processes.

Operations managers not only work in goods-producing companies, but thaey also work in service industries. In the case of private service industries, operations managers are employed in hotels, restaurants, airlines, banks, and retail stores. In all these companies, operations managers, much like their counterparts in companies that produce goods, are responsible for the provision of services.

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Free Samples- How To Tackle A Real Optimization Problem?

Optimization can be considered as the search for the best solution (optimal solution) of a problem. The best term depends on the context in which you work. For example, in a profit-related operating context, system optimization constitutes maximization of results, quite the opposite of costs or distances, cases in which optimization will depend on minimization of results.

Modelling- A model is an abstraction or a representation of reality or a concept or an idea with which it is intended to increase your understanding, make predictions, and/or control / analyze a system. When the system does not exist, it serves to define the ideal structure of that future system indicating the functional relationships between its elements. Currently, a model is defined as a construct based on our past and current perceptions; the above representation can be holistic or reductionist.

The models can be classified according to their degree of abstraction in:

Abstract Models (Non-Physical)

Concrete Models (Physical)

And they can be classified equally if they are mathematicians in:

  • Static
  • Dynamic
  • Deterministic
  • Stochastic

For example, typical models in the Operations Research field, which can be applied to a wide range of supply chain problems. Find below samples as a reference of supply chain management Assignment Help, for solving operations assignments questions. To avail them for free, register yourself now. Take a look at the assignment question and solution files prepared by our experts.

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